The Struggle is REAL

DALLAS, TX, May 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gail J. Kueker launched her first book titled, Never Got The Memo which is a fusion of memoir, self-help, and journal. Currently available on and at The book is fabulously flawed-just like life and LOVE itself.

Why is this book so different from all of the other books available on LOVE? Because Kueker’s message is FRESH. Her voice is being added to the countless conversations acknowledging our perfectly imperfect lives. While so many become paralyzed and wrapped up on how to avoid showing our imperfections in life and LOVE. Kueker feels that it’s time we start embracing them in a more obvious way. So many get lost in the matrix of mediocrity that advocates staying safe. But life is messy and filled with flubs, so why not learn to make life your B*TCH and learn to live and LOVE like a girl BOSS!

Self-help books usually center around what we’re doing wrong, and if we would just apply a little more self-motivation in life…all will be okay! Never Got The Memo, is about shifting your perspective and allowing a different mindset about not fixing yourself, but accepting.

Kueker’s philosophy may seem primitive…because it is! We’re the ones that make everything complicated. The main point in her book is that life is all about choice, it’s your choice how you choose to see the world. And along with that very important fact, she also advocates instilling the importance of perseverance-while embracing the flow of surrendering. This is what creates the energy for you to prevail. Don’t allow your fear to freeze you up, but at the same time don’t let your ego leave a path of self-destruction either. CHOOSE to live life fabulously flawed, versus being stuck in the viscous destructive cycle of perceived perfection.

Never Got The Memo is the only true REAL LOVE story that people need to understand.

About Gail J. Kueker (Author) of Never Got The Memo:

A Chicago native now residing in Dallas, Gail J. Kueker, has spent her career in the design field. Though she has mastered many aspects of her chosen fields as a visual artist, photo-styling, and running her own Interior Design business. It was not until a unique, unannounced visitor came through her storefront door that inspired her to write her first novel a non-fiction memoir. This indie writer is now well into her second novel which will be a fiction titled, The Dress.

She is excited to have discovered yet another form of expression besides her paintings. Kueker stated, “though these are very primitive skills, as with my painting style, I believe the storyline is very real and necessary.” Never Got The Memo…was a total labor of LOVE.

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