Johnesha Robinson Founder and CEO at Eyes Of The Broken announce the launch of her PRISONLIVESMATTERtoo crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen.

OAKLAND, CA, November 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Johnesha, a young woman from Oakland, CA has launched a PRSIONLIVESMATTERtoo crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen. Johnesha’s goal is to raise $100,000 to fund Destiny Revealed; a non-profit and reentry program that focuses on mending the brokenness of the brokenhearted and creating a safe-haven (recreational space) where not only people incarcerated will receive love, help, hope, and support but their families will have the opportunity to do so right along with them as a partnership. The intent is to provide business and homeownership programs that will help incarcerated individuals and their families succeed in a world that’s built to make sure they fail.

Through this PRISONLIVESMATTERtoo crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen people will get the chance to support a great cause. There are so many people incarcerated but not many are willing to help them, yet people complain about society and the violence that’s created within it. Well, one does not have to be that person and can get the chance to change all of that by supporting this crowdfunding campaign and book “The System Through The Eyes Of The Broken” which will change and transform the lives of many people behind bars. In all actuality, these people are hurting or have been hurt, which is why they wind up where they are in the first place. There is no support so there is no peace nor hope. That is why Johnesha is calling on the people for their support.

She needs the support because they need the support.

One doesn’t have to go to a prison to help someone in it.


About: Eyes Of The Broken was founded in 2018 by Johnesha Robinson. Her journey started with her Fiancé Alkehm’s incarceration. Johnesha didn’t want her family to become a victim of the criminal justice system and believed that through their struggles and triumphs God was telling her “YOU ARE THE SOLUTION YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR”.

With that, she took their problem and turned it into a solution by starting her very own #PRISONLIVESMATTERtoo movement, which would later develop into a concept for Destiny Revealed; a reentry program that helps transform the lives of incarcerated individuals and their families by teaching them how to take the unfortunate situations in life and turn them into positives through a process that not only builds hope but takes what’s hoped for and makes it a reality through spiritual, mental, and financial stability.

Destiny Revealed provides something no other program has been able to, and that is truth and love from someone who’s been broken just like them.

A message from Johnesha the Founder at Eyes Of The Broken”I believe nobody has more power to help change your situation and the struggles you’ve faced or are facing but you. If you’ve lived and conquered or are living and still conquering you could be the hope and light someone out in this dark world needs to see their way through. For me, I became the light in the prison systems darkness. Because my heart has suffered I can end their suffering.”

The team at Eyes Of The Broken are asking for people to donate towards their goal of $100,000 on iFundWomen, or re-post this to their social media channel in order to get the message out so Destiny Revealed can be more than a concept.

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