Global 3D Design Challenge

DUBAI, UAE, April 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Are you a MASTER of 3D Art?
Are you a BRILLIANT booming designer?
Are you eager to leave your MARK in the NFT Community?
Are you seeking to get World EXPOSURE?

With great eagerness and following a considerable time of commitment and dedication, OwlUnited NFT is excited to launch the First-Ever Global OWL-Themed NFT 3D Design Challenge for global 3D artists.

Today, YOU get THE opportunity to beat the competition.
Today, YOU get the occasion to become the FUTURE of the virtual world.
If you are wondering why you SHOULD join the OwlUnited NFT Global Design Challenge and Community, keep track of this message. You are NOT going to regret this!
And now, let us elucidate the OwlUnited Community.
Empowered by a Dubai based luxurious art gallery, OwlUnited NFT is a team of experts and successful entrepreneurs who come from leading companies all over the world, acknowledging commitment and transparency in the development of their prosperous business community. In fact, it is a unique 3D collection of 33,333 OWLS flying on ETH blockchain.
So why SHOULD you join the OwlUnited NFT Challenge?
And how far would you go to WIN lifetime prizes?
By joining the OwlUnited NFT Challenge, and by striving your greatness, you are given the chance to design your dreams!

1- A $200,000 worth apartment in Dubai might be yours!
2- Your chance of winning up to $100,000 worth Bitcoin is going to highly increase;
3- You would become the owner of up to $100,000 worth Ethereum;
4- You would not be missing a fully paid trip to Dubai with 10 of your closest ones
Valuable prizes are ardently awaiting for you gifted 3D designers!
So what are you still waiting for?

HURRY UP, click here! BECOME amongst the 1010 designers and JOIN the Challenge!

OwlUnited is an NFT community that’s not limited to benefits restricted to the digital world. It is an 8K 3D unique collection of 33,333 OWLS flying on ETH blockchain.

Being part of the OwlUnited Community means becoming a member of ‘Parliament’ that focuses on achieving success and greatness together as a group by providing each member with value and instantly empowering everyone that’s a part of it.

OwlUnited value derives from its founding members, their commitment, and transparency regarding the development of a successful business community.

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