An Aspiring Nurse and Civil Engineer Share Their Thoughts on DUI Accidents and How to Stay Positive While Making a Difference

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, March 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine recently recognized university students Nathaniel Derion and Shelice Golding as the firm’s 2023 Students Against Drunk Driving Scholarship winners. The students will each receive a $2,500 award for their academics and thoughts on the dangers of why young people drive after drinking and solutions that can save lives and keep our roads safer.

Derion of Wellington, Fla., is studying civil engineering technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York and expects to graduate in 2027. Golding, a Lauderhill, Fla., resident, is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at West Coast University – Miami and expects to graduate in May 2024.

Scholarship Winner Nathaniel Derion: ‘I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver’

Nathaniel Derion has had his share of challenges but pushes ahead to meet his personal and professional goals. He has played travel hockey since he was 8 years old and learned to make the best of change, something he developed after moving around with his family a lot during his childhood. He worked hard to improve his travel hockey skills and compete in high-school tournaments.

“I was always an average player; I was never the best or worst on the team. My work effort and positive attitude always won over my coaches, and I earned more playing time every season because I showed improvement. When I turned 16, I decided to try out for an advanced team. I was the final player to make the team,” he writes his scholarship essay.

Derion’s drive ultimately meant going from the last player on the team to playing on the first line. He also helped children learn how to skate and play hockey as a volunteer.

Life After A DUI Accident: ‘I’m Lucky To Be Alive’

Recently, Derion got into an accident with a drunk driver, suffering injuries that could have ended his life.

“While on my way home from work I was hit by a drunk driver,” he shares. “The trauma from the seatbelt caused me to need abdominal surgery to repair 3 different perforations in my intestines. In total, I ended up with 2 minor fractured bones in my spine, a broken ankle, a broken wrist, and an incision reaching from my chest all the way to the bottom of my stomach.”

“I am lucky to be alive and will use this optimism to guide me in future situations.”

Derion remained focused on his studies, earning an Associate of Arts degree from Palm Beach State College during his senior year of high school as well as an AICE (Advance International Certificate of Education) diploma. Now he’s at RIT studying for his degree.

Scholarship Winner Shelice Golding Shares Why ‘Drinking And Driving Is The New Pandemic’

Nursing student Shelice Golding shared her insights into why young people continue to risk their lives by getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

“Drinking and driving is the new pandemic impacting the driver, passengers, other road users, and, more importantly, the victims’ families,” she writes in her scholarship essay.

One observation Golding shares is that alcohol doesn’t affect everyone the same, which can affect their impaired decision-making after drinking. “Some are not aware they are drunk because of the slower absorption of alcohol in their bodies,” she writes.

She suggests technology can monitor changes in a person’s driving habits.

“New vehicles can adopt hardware systems that detect a change in the driver’s behavior. Furthermore, it is advisable to invent future solutions such as features that can help monitor the driver’s behavior. Such features include the steering wheel, brake pedal, and manipulating the vehicle to self-driving option or bring it to a stop.”

There are also practical ways to avoid getting on the road while under the influence, such as calling a taxi or a rideshare service or getting a ride from a friend or trusted person. “This provides a safer alternative to drunk driving for those too intoxicated to drive themselves home.”

Tougher Laws And Stricter Punishments For DUI Offenders

People who get away with drinking and driving are at risk of repeating the behavior. Golding urges lawmakers to create measures to discourage this reckless behavior. She notes one such measure that Tennessee lawmakers passed in 2022 as an example. “Bentley’s Law” requires convicted drunk drivers to pay child support to minor children if their parents suffered fatal injuries in a DUI accident.

“The law should enforce stricter punishments for people caught driving under the influence to serve as a deterrent for the rest,” Golding says.

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