Gain coverage with no capital investment – something as simple as call forwarding from your local allows you to use call center services

KALAMAZOO, MI, June 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Answer United, an industry leader in call management, provides many unique call center services to help companies efficiently manage telephone needs and provide high levels of customer service. But most clients remain unaware of the fact that there are associated benefits which enable them to streamline and even improve their internal call processes.

In an effort to dispel any misconceptions concerning how call centers partner with clients, Answer United recently revealed its list of the top benefits businesses don’t know about call centers. While companies usually understand that call centers can answer and make calls, they may not see how these services can be applied to their operations.

There are many levels and types of call centers, but not all provide more advanced levels of support. An answering service is the most basic form of a call center, and typically provides services that include after-hours dispatch, overflow answering, ad response, and customer service. Call center services go beyond these capabilities to become an integral part of the client company’s operations. Technology allows a call center to build a knowledge base and become an extension of the client business for after-hours, overflow, or 24/7 coverage.

One example of this is Answer United’s Live or Automated Absentee Services, which manage the critical task of absentee reporting while reducing disputes that can often lead to costly litigation. Other capabilities that reduce operational costs include appointment scheduling, email read and response, help desk, order taking, product recall, registration, and virtual receptionist. In fact, studies have revealed that a virtual receptionist can save 50% over the cost of hiring someone in-house while providing three times the coverage.

Robust call centers provide coverage with no capital investment required on the client’s part. Something as simple as call forwarding from a local telephone company enables any size business to access these benefits. A call center manages not just incoming calls, but web forms, email, and social media notifications as well, and can even monitor critical systems. Some can also dispatch calls in real-time.

Time and language concerns are not a problem as most providers operate in the United States from brick and mortar locations. A sophisticated call center such as Answer United will also adapt scripting based on time of day and day of the week, and deliver client messages in a web portal, app, text, or email. Call centers have robust reporting abilities to provide details of all calls, including online, real-time, and portal reporting with recordings.

Perhaps most important is that clients are not paying for in-house employees who may not be working to capacity all the time. Call centers charge based on actual minutes used, or calls made/taken. Billing cycle minutes are only used when a call center is working on its client’s behalf. Companies that try to manage their own call centers often find that the process can be frustrating and overwhelming. The equipment, personnel, training and technology required to maintain such an operation also cause a drain on the bottom line.

“What most people don’t realize is that we have a unique ability to help businesses not only grow, but to streamline their processes,” stated Answer United CEO, Scott Gignac. “A call center can help a business work virtually; they don’t need to be in the office, because we can be their virtual receptionist. They can route their main line to us, and not even be in the office anymore. Another call center efficiency we provide is streamlining and improving the on-call process.”

Answer United is an award-winning, U.S.-based answering service that requires no long-term commitments. The many types of industries that Answer United support include factories; hospitals and medical, dental and veterinary offices; property management firms; consulting and counseling companies; home health care; professional and home maintenance services; attorneys and accountants; and government offices.

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Answer United is a national leader in telephone services that has provided quality answering services and web-based call center support solutions for almost 60 years. In addition to the Automated or Live Absentee Service, the company offers 24/7 professional call answering, call center and virtual receptionist services. Visit the website at or call 800-937-5900 to request a quote or schedule a demo.

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