Company offers thoughts on what office hoteling offers and unveils its vision of a “New Work Paradigm” at webinar

CHICAGO, IL, April 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — DeskFlex, the leader in office hoteling and work space scheduling software, and the popular office hoteling app, held a webinar to showcase it’s office hoteling and workspace sharing solutions. Moderated by company founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley, the event, titled “DeskFlex’s New Work Paradigm”, was live cast to a global audience of corporate employers, clients, and multinational organizations with large commercial office real estate footprints.

Spelling out DeskFlex’s vision of future work, Dr. Passley said: “We see more organizations, that currently own and manage large amounts of office space, pivoting to an office hoteling and workspace sharing model. No longer will there be “dedicated” offices, meeting rooms, and conference halls allocated to single employees, or even a select group of users. The concept of the “shared economy” is taking hold in the office space environment.”

According to Dr. Passley, the post-pandemic workspace stands transformed into one where employees don’t work at the office full-time any longer. This means that traditional offices, desks and cubicles, that previously were individual employee’s domains, now remain vacant for significant amounts of time. And that is a waste of resources!

During the webinar, DeskFlex’s marketing team presented an alternative vision of how some clients have managed to turn such excess capacity into an opportunity: “Our DeskFlex office hoteling and room booking and scheduling solutions have made it easier for office administrators to rationalize and maximize space utilization. Employees and Guests can use the online room and desk appointment booking system to remotely share and reserve space. This ensures maximum office utilization, and reduces vacancy rates across the company.”

In a live demonstration of the software tools, staff showed participants some of the dash-board driven features and functionality embedded in the base system. Elements like graphical room layouts, and color-coded status tags, make it easy to spot vacancy, availability, reserved, or un-used space.

In Dr. Passley’s words: “Even if you have just a few rooms or office space that go regularly un-used or underutilized each month – that’s a huge drain on resources over the course of a year. Our office hoteling and online room booking software can help you better manage those underutilized resources, and reclaim your office space to bring it in line with the New Work Paradigm!”

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