Shooter Additionally Sentenced to Two Life Sentence in Criminal Court

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY, January 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — McCoy & Hiestand, PLC’s Sheila Hiestand represented the victims and families of children injured and killed following the January 2018 Marshall County High School mass shooting by Gabe Parker, who was fifteen at the time. Hiestand specifically worked at the behest of the Estate of Bailey Holt, one of two teenagers killed in the incident, and three students seriously injured.

The judge in the case entered a Judgment and Award for damages in excess of $36 Million for the four Plaintiffs against the shooter, Gabe Parker, his mother and step-father. Despite this result, Hiestand does not believe that the families of these victims will ever see that compensation.

In a quote given to WPSD Local 6, Hiestand says, “What we don’t want to have happen, and what we never want to have happen is to have these families relive this pain through the family or the shooter, profiting from this in some way.”

In other words, the judge’s ruling in this civil case will prevent Gabe Parker, his family, or representatives from profiting from the sale of the story of the school shooting. Likewise, if the family ever sees substantial financial windfall, that compensation will first go to Hiestand’s clients.

“I could have gotten an award of $100 billion,” Hiestand continues, “and it wouldn’t have been enough to compensate them for what they’ve been through.”

Parker was not the only party to face allegations of misconduct in this case. However, the other possible defendants, all of whom were employed by Marshall County Schools, benefited from qualified immunity.

This civil ruling came five years after the initial school shooting. It comes in tandem with Parker’s criminal conviction, which will see him serve two life sentences for the murders of Bailey Holt and Preston Cope.

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