If you want to get more views on TikTok, you need to chase TikTok trends, add highlights in your videos, use proper hashtag & sound and so on.

NEW YORK, NY, November 07, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — TikTok as a trending social media platform, has reached approximately 1 billion worldwide users on a monthly basis (surpassed the prediction). Many top TikTok influencers have already gained significant income after become famous. Instead of just being an audience, many people have started to post their own videos to try to be famous one day. Thus, they all start to inquire how to gain more views on TikTok.

We have compiled the article to highlight all the simple tactics that will get your videos more views, improve audience engagement, and gain likes on TikTok.

1.Ensure your TikTok profile is adequate.
The profiles provide the first impression of you to your audiences. Below is a list of fundamentals that you do not want to miss. Go over it and make sure you have followed everything:
– A proper visual identity: before anyone visit your main page, they will see your profile picture right away. A proper profile picture could be selfie if you often share your life, cat or dog if your are operating an animal account.
– A consistent username: the username on TikTok has to be unique but can be changed once every 30 days. However, we do not recommend any change of username as this is how your followers reach you.
– Attractive bio:TikTok is a global platform that your video could be feed to anyone. Make sure your bio is informative and understandable, at least to your targeted audiences.
– Up-to-date contact information so people can reach you for business inqueries.

2.Stay consistent and stay unique
TikTok used to be all about lip-syncing, dancing and prank videos. However, as the growing of the user base, the video types have become diversified. Any content could find its own audience on it. Instead of following the crowd, you’d better stay where you are and make your content unique. TikTok algorithm will find you your audience.

3.Create high-quality videos
Being unique does not mean you should only focus on your own suff. Doing so will make you stick-in-the-mug. TikTok trends are also something you should take care of. Observing the most famous TikToker in your category, following the hot spots, and combining the creative ideas with your own content to create high quality videos. Generally speaking, the views count and engagement will be higher compare to your ordinary videos.

4.Pick up the right sounds to use
Background music is a influential element of a video. Using proper music will boost the video engagement. The other way around, a bad music could destroy your video. Research is needed to find out the proper music to use. If you watch enough TikTok videos, the algorithm will feed you videos in your area. Listen to their music and favorite music that are highly used. This way to create a music list for future use.

Moreover, using TikTok analytics too like GugeeData to find popular tiktok sounds on TikTok is a lot more efficient. By locating your industry and target country, it will provide you with a list of trending music. Pick up the one that best fits in your video.

5.Do your research and use the right hashtags
Hashtag is one of the key parameters for TikTok algorithm to locate you the targeted audience. Using the right hashtags will result in higher engagement rate. Also, due to the trackable of hashtags, anyone who clicks on it will see a list of videos relating to the hashtag. Your video will be viewed by more people.

The hashtag you used should be relevant. For example, for cat video, using #cute#cat. Of course, it also a good idea to add the hottest hashtag #foryou on TikTik . If you want to look into more usable hashtag, GugeeData provides ranklist for the best TikTok hashtags.

6.Enrich your video content
TikTok regularly raises challenge activities and followed with trending sticker effects. Sticker effect is a tool that can easily enrich video and make it a lot more fun. Similar to TikTok hashtags, it is also a traceable element which can bring you more audiences and increase audience engagement.

7.Motivate your audience in the video
TikTok has a very powerful video editing feature that contains massive effects and stickers. We can use them to encourage the audience to engage with you. For example, using the poll sticker to ask a question in your video. It could be a simple question like “what’s the weather today there in your place?”. Audiences would be interested to vote and see the result. Make sure the poll and the content are relevant to each other.

8.Unlimited content resource by dueting videos
The duet feature allows your video placed side-by-side with the dueted video. When you have no idea what to post, this feature would be the best tool. Duet a video is like making a re-creation on the original video. The video material is massive wich could be almost any videos on TikTok (most creator will allow duet on their video). Moreover, you can also duet your own videos. Pick up your most liked video on TikTok, and re-create with the duet feature to generate more views and likes.

9.Notify your audience in the video
Sometimes your audiences are not conscious that they should you leave a likesharecomment. Leave them a note!
You can add a text at the end of your video requesting likes and shares from them right away. People on TikTok usually are generous to do so.

10.Build relationships with your audience
With regards to raising audience engagement, you need to build up relationship with your followers. Basically below is a to do list for you:
– Reply to and like comments: it could be very simple as “thanks”, but it shows your care.
– Make responsive video: sometimes your audience request videos for certain topic, you can choose some to reply to. Making communication with them is always effective.

11.Self-recognizing by using TikTok analytics
TikTok analytics is a native analytics tool TikTok launched for pro accounts. It reveals the insights about your video figures, audience distribution, and follower growth trends. The reports can be used to evaluate your performance, compare your own figures from period-to-period and adjust the operating tactics accordingly.

The TikTok Analytics report only reveals report for your own account. Sometimes you only know how you did when you put yourself in the market and compare with influencers who have the most followers on TikTok in your category. If you need figures for more TikToker, you need a pro TikTok analytics tool like GugeeData to be able to compare with other TikTokers.

12.Consistently create videos and keep going
If you follow the above mentioned tactics, you should have already accumulated certain amount of followers. Make sure you continuously upload new videos to maintain your follower base. Followers will unfollow you if they find you are inactive on the platform.

The above are 12 tactics that can get you more views and followers on TikTok.

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