Moniat is the first to introduce a crytpo mechanism for home business

TALLINN, ESTONIA, January 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Latin Americans are increasingly turning to Moniat cryptocurrencies which many perceive these as a more clear profit making mechanism and stable store of value.

A recent official survey found that Latin Americans are confident that blockchain technology will build a more reliable and participatory system and change the rules.

Moniat is the first cryptocurrency to introduce a simple method for home business avoiding the need to register in an exchange to be able to trade MAT (Moniat Token), but rather relay on users own efforts to generate more MAT based on marketing clear methodology. Users of Moniat, also called Moniat Traders and MAT Holders, are offered a personal dashboard to fully control their own account via direct link to ETH Blockchain, where they can monitor their account, investment, profit and marketing.

This is one reason why in hyperinflation-crippled countries, privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash is rising in popularity among locals with some hundreds of merchants signups and thousands of wallet downloads per month.

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