The Nursing Home Complaint Center is focused on protecting patients in nursing homes or long term care facilities nationwide and they are urging the family of a person like this to keep a journal on their loved one’s condition-and keep it updated.

WASHINGTON, DC, May 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the Nursing Home Complaint Center, “We have one of the nation’s most aggressive initiatives focused on exposing nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and or rehab centers for being so short on staff-they are unable to maintain their patients properly. The net result of short-staffing at these types of healthcare facilities is some very vulnerable patients die-because there was not someone there to maintain and or care for them. This crisis at our nation’s long term care facilities has been going on for a long time-and we expect the problem to get worse.

“If your mom, dad or grandparent is at a long-term care facility-we are appealing to you and your family to start a journal and update it as frequently as possible. We know in the Coronavirus world some family members of a nursing home-long term care facility resident might me reluctant to visit their loved one–but they should visit them as often as possible. The other thing we would strongly suggest is that the family of a long-term care facility provide their loved one with an inexpensive cell phone-so that family members can check in. After every call like this the family should update their journal-so that everyone knows what is going on with their loved one. The only exception would be for a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and or dementia.

“If you loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and or dementia a cell phone could get lost or stolen. If your loved one is in what they call a ‘memory unit’ and they have Alzheimer’s disease and or dementia a family member should try to visit their loved one-at least once a week-if possible. Our bottom line is your loved one and or the taxpayers support long term care facilities—–and frequently—they don’t get what they paid for.” https://NursingHomeComplaintCenter.Com

The Nursing Home Complaint Center is appealing to the family of a patient-resident at a long-term care facility to ask the following questions of your loved one:

* “Do you have any sores on your legs, bottom or back. If the answer is yes–please ask—if the facility is treating the sores? Most long-term care facilities are required to have a RN or medical doctor that are supposed to be providing what is called wound care. If the facility is not treating the sore-the family should make an immediate visit to check on the status of their loved one’s sore-sores.”

* “Ask if your loved one has been eating properly and getting enough fluids each day? If the answer is no–this is a potentially huge problem.”

* “At least one a month ask your loved one in a long-term care facility if they have been mistreated-or assaulted in any sort of way.

* Finally—“Please ask your loved one if their bed is being changed on a regular basis-and if their clothing is being washed-or cleaned.” https://NursingHomeComplaintCenter.Com

The Nursing Home Complaint Center believes that nursing home short staffing is one of the leading causes of sepsis or septic infections which can result in a wrongful death. If a nursing home is not properly staffed it probably is impossible for the facility to maintain their patients. A short-staffed nursing home can literally be in any US State such as California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, or Alaska. https://NursingHomeComplaintCenter.Com

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