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NASHVILLE, TN, March 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — OKMOVEME, the premier one-stop website for anyone planning or managing a move to a new home, has launched a consumer-first website to help people move to Nashville. The free version of the company website now features exclusive content to help families and friends learn more about the area, get in touch with important local resources, purchase goods and professional services for the move, and ways to save money and time.

Much has been written about the so-called “Great Resignation,” and this newfound economic flexibility means millions of American families can now move to new locations that better meet their budget, lifestyle and future aspirations.

“Housing is a major financial stressor. Companies who allow location flexibility and pay attention to their employees’ financial stress are seeing a higher number of qualified applicants with increased retention for current employees,” notes money and wellness expert Ilyce Glink, founder and CEO of Best Money Moves, an award-winning financial wellness company that helps employees and consumers measure their level of financial stress and take concrete steps to reduce it.

While many companies are willing to allow employees to work-from-home, “there’s rarely or ever any relocation benefits package offered, so it’s a true DIY move,” says John Heithaus, managing partner of OKMOVEME and a 30+ veteran of the corporate relocation industry.

Tennessee is a top-10 destination for corporate and personal relocation, according to 2021 US Census data and OKMOVEME company research. In addition to thousands of employees moving to Nashville for companies like Amazon, Bridgestone, and Facebook, the Nashville region is seeing a huge influx of people moving here from both coasts for its affordability, climate and entertainment-oriented culture.

Glink adds: “After two years of a pandemic, amid rising inflation and housing costs, employee financial stress is becoming a serious concern. When you add a relocation to a new and unfamiliar area, it becomes more complex and difficult to manage, especially if the employee has a family. A website like OKMOVEME brings down that level of stress, helps people save time and money, and keeps them focused on their financial wellbeing.”

OKMOVEME, the premier one-stop website for anyone planning or managing a move to a new place and settling-in thereafter with research, budget & planning tools to efficiently manage the moving and relocation process. We provide curated resources, direct links to trusted professionals and brands, a Nashville-specific Job Search engine, the shopping site Myokmoveme, and the company’s Blog with reviews and deals for anyone making a move and settling-in.

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