Key contents of the report include: Market size and Forecast- Segmented By Sales channel (E-retailers and Retail outlets) by Geography (North East, West, Mid-West and South),Market Dynamics, Competitive Landscape and Company Profiles

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The invention of the canine car seat cover and its numerous varieties is not credited to a single individual or organization, however, the thought originated from the inadequacies of utilizing straightforward covers or towels to save both a pet and a car’s interior from damage. The product turned out to be particularly basic in the mid-2000s, with one of the main licenses allowed in 2007 that was particularly intended for a pet’s use.

Dog car seat covers can be made of a variety of materials, including synthetic vinyl, neoprene, and other types of rubber; the major purpose being protecting a vehicle’s fabric, while remaining soft and comfortable for the pet. These types of materials are also durable and easy to wash. Other materials include sturdy canvas, soft microfiber suede, and even poly-cotton due to its softness and the water-repellent nature of polyester.

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The willingness of American families to invest so much in pet ownership physically, financially and emotionally is the biggest market force driving this market. Post the biggest financial turmoil of 2008, there is has been a significant gain in the percentage of pet owners reporting that their pet helps relieve stress (up to 60% from less than 50%). There has also been a sizable increase in the number of dog owners reporting that exercise is one of the benefits of a canine companion- up to ~50% in 2017 from 35% in 2008. Whatever the added benefits of pet ownership may be to individual owners, most agree on one thing, pets are faithful companions.


Domestic trips have always had the largest share of the U.S. leisure travel market, and over the past few years, this trend has gained even more momentum. U.S. travellers took 13.4 million more trips within the country. Domestic vacations made up for ~80% of total vacations taken by American adults. Families with annual household income of $50,000 or more are used to taking at least one long distance trip in a year. This is the biggest driver for pet seat cover market in US.

There are more than 200 million cars on US roads and when coupled with high pet ownership across US, there exists a huge market opportunity for pet car seat cover manufacturers. Since, car OEMs in US rarely give even an option of buying pet seat covers from their dealerships, the buyers are left with no choice but to go shopping online or to their nearest pet store. This entire market as of now is being catered by small and medium enterprises selling their products via partnership with major e-retailers and supermarket chains.


The car pet seat cover from 4knine is well liked by pet owners who have purchased it; every buyer that we interviewed was all praises for it. 4knine is the top pick because it offers features like non-quilted sheet material to provide complete waterproofing of the seat bottom, is super easy to clean, and installation is super simple. Orvis and Transpawt are among the other leading players of this market.


1. The market size (both volume and value) of pet seat cover market in US in 2018-2023 and
every year in between?

2. The market size and forecast segmented by Region (North East, West, Mid-west, South)

3. The market size and forecast segmented by Sales channel (E-retailing and Retail outlets)

4. Latest trends in pet seat covers

5. Market share of leading players

6. Profiles of the market leaders and their market positioning

7. The biggest growth drivers of this market

8. The risks of being a supplier in this market

9. Pet ownership trends across US

10. Problems faced by the Pet Industry in US

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