Oftentimes, it is hard selling a property, especially in an economic downturn. You might find yourself in a distressed situation and have the need to sell your house. A company that recently caught our eye is not only growing at a rapid speed, but largely impacting our city’s real estate market.

Prosperity Real Estate and Investment Services is a real estate investment office that specializes in helping people in various situations sell their properties. It is a company made up of people who care about their community. They want to make a difference by bringing blighted properties to the market for rehabilitation and development. In doing so, they help the city and its tax revenues by finding owners who can no longer keep up with their payments and assist them in selling the properties. With their extensive services, Prosperity offers homeowners options to fit a variety of situations but also caters to people looking to buy as well.

The Problem

In today’s economic environment, there are a vast number of homeowners who are drowning in debt or losing their homes for unpaid property taxes or foreclosures. Abandoned properties are being knocked down by the city and owners find themselves with vacant lots and a $30,000 lien for the demolition. Loved ones pass away and family members inherit a burden of repairs and bills.

Can they help you?

Prosperity brings sellers together with their network of investors and finds an arrangement that is beneficial for both. The sellers are compensated with a fair price, based on the amount that will allow the new investor to rehabilitate the property, put it on the market, and in the end sell it to a happy new owner with an average of 30% return on investment.

Are you having difficulty selling your home? Is it getting to be too much to maintain it? Maybe you are running out of funds to continue pumping into it? Prosperity offers guidance and assistance to people in a variety of different situations, including those who:

  • Are facing foreclosure
  • Have a house that needs repairs, but cannot afford to fix it
  • Have inherited an unwanted property
  • Need to relocate quickly
  • Are ill or hospitalized
  • Have problematic tenants or worse, squatters
  • Are facing bankruptcy
  • Are going into assisted living or nursing homes

In addition to helping those in such situations sell their properties, they also assist their clients in clearing up issues that may arise once the settlement process begins. It is a frequent occurrence that a client finds out that their old mortgage was never properly satisfied, further estate work is required, or that there is a break in the chain of title throughout the years that needs resolving.

About the Founder

Kirk Waechter is the founder and president of Prosperity Real Estate & Investment Services. He made his entrance into the industry in 2005 when he joined Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors, where he went on to become a top producer. While working in real estate, he discovered that he had a passion for investments, and a love for the power that investing in real estate can give to people to change their lives. With Prosperity Real Estate & Investment Services, he has created a one-stop shop for all real estate needs. They are a full-service firm that encompasses a realty office as well as title, homeowners insurance and property management divisions. In addition to the traditional sale of homes, Mr. Waechter also has a division of the company that focuses on providing quicker solutions for homeowners whose situations do not call for traditional brokerage relationships. With Mr. Waechter’s motivation and Prosperity’s previous client testimonials, we have no doubt we will be seeing great things from them in the future.

Kirk Waechter
Philadelphia, S Jersey & Boston
Website:  www.prosperityreis.com
Phone: 866.327.7673