Today, job competition is very high. Someone should have adequate skills and knowledge if he/she wants to be employed. The issues showed that there is an improvement in youth unemployment rates. Studying entrepreneurship can be good choice to give someone skill and knowledge. The young and unemployed who are rejected by the companies because of their lack of experience and knowledge could get an opportunity to be self-employment with the entrepreneurship education. To be an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires the young individuals to identify their own future. They will avoid the horrible fate of being controlled by others’ decisions. They should be ready and brave to handle the possibility in the future. With adequate knowledge and skill, someone could handle the problem.

Teaching and talking about an entrepreneurial world in schools is an effective approach to get young people enthusiastic about it. This also has a prospective impact on influencing the performance of entrepreneurial programs. Education will be able to open the youth people mind about entrepreneurship and business. Entrepreneurship education will provide great impact on young people mindset. It could increase their objective towards entrepreneurship and their part in society. The entrepreneurial competencies and skills are very effective when they are developed at a young age.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Is studying entrepreneurship a good choice? What is the recommendation from an expert? Pepe Kamel thinks students should prepare for and plan their future as best as they can with the best education at their reach. Pepe Kamel is the founder and CEO of Metric Impact tech related incubator and academy in Mexico City. He studied Entrepreneurship at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He is a researcher and writer of technology business and technology development. He recommends entrepreneurship education as a great degree choice. “When you are finishing high school you have to choose the college major that best fits your goals, to the best of your knowledge at the time.”, said Kamel. If you have a plan to build your own business, then “why not study the science of building businesses”, Kamel wen on. He said it is also important to start making a good network since a young age. You need to build the relationships while you are still a student.  You can join professional associations or just be as social as you can to make good relationships.