100 Brokers Who Care Give $10,000 to Youth at Risk across Canada through Kares

TORONTO, ON, April 13, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Our deepest gratitude to 100 Brokers Who Care for their generous donation of $10,000 to Kares. This incredible act of kindness will go a long way in helping marginalized kids across Canada have a chance for a brighter future.

Meryll Dreyer, Co-Founder kares.ca and COO of VERICO Dreyer Group Mortgages, sites “Sadly, 1/3 of all Canadian homeless are between the ages of 16 & 24. 70% have been physically, sexually and emotionally abused. These kids come from unstable homes and many suffer profound neglect. They are lost and looking for direction.”

Kares.ca is a giving program for the mortgage industry that adopts services specifically dedicated to help Canadian youth at risk. Kares support hands-on practical programs which directly engage and dismissed youth in our country reach their full potential. Thanks to 100 Brokers Who Care, this money will go towards education, skills training, mental health resources, housing, drug and rehabilitation services.

Further, through Kares offers mentoring opportunities for youth in the scholarship program and currently have 4 mortgage industry professionals mentoring students. Gail Beszedes, Mentor Liaison with Kares affirms, “As a coach and mentor for disadvantaged youth, I have seen firsthand that we can make a difference. I’m proud to be part of Kares knowing that 100% of all monies donated are going to reputable programs that have demonstrated success in working with at risk youth.”

100 Brokers is a simple but powerful initiative. It’s about collaboration. The goal is to have 100 brokers each give $100 per quarter. This totals $10,000 which can be given out 4 times per year, to a worthy cause, as voted on by our members. Last year we ended up with 60 brokers and donated to several different causes. This year we have over 80 brokers, with a commitment from the board to get to 100 within the next month. 100 Brokers is looking for new members and to have a voice in who will receive the next $10,000 donation!

100 Brokers have made a commitment to help these forgotten youth have the ability through to reach their full potential. With their substantial gift, Kares has currently raised close to $70,000!

100 Brokers had received 11 nominations for the first quarter vote. Members voted and Kares was awarded the first $10,000 of 2018. Sabeena Bubber, Founder of 100 Brokers Who Care comments, “We are so pleased to see the money go to this initiative that will have such a huge impact on youth that really need it. It’s wonderful to support another industry initiative that shows how much this mortgage industry really wants to make a difference.”

The Kares committee of volunteers leads and directs this national program for members of the Canadian Mortgage Industry. Members include mortgage brokers, lenders, insurers and other valued industry partners who together to make a substantial and sustained difference to Canadian youth… at a critical time in their lives.

“Most of us are fortunate to have good lives that include opportunity, good health and a safe environment. Kares helps youth who are less fortunate find their passion and get them on a path of self-fulfillment,” says Yousry Bissada, President & CEO, Hometrust and Founding Committee Kares member. ‎Improving engagement with these young adults and giving them the financial tools and knowledge they need to make good decisions, can get them on the right track at a pivotal age.”

Trades Start is just one of the programs supported by Kares. It is a 20-week course that teaches kids hospitality, carpentry and financial literacy skills and serves youth who have fallen through the cracks. “When young people are hopeless and lose focus it’s easy for them to get into trouble. sights Scott Concordia, Program Coordinator. Trade Start is a positive and caring environment that keeps them busy, builds confidence and teaches real life skills to get moving in the right direction.

Trade Start total operations cost for one year is only $25,000, yet makes a profound difference.

By 2020, Kares goal is to have 2000 mortgage professional donating $25.00 per month equating to $50,000 a month or $600,000 per year! As an example, this could sustain 24 Trade Smart schools or put 17 students through university! The $10,000 donated, will go towards these and other amazing programs.

The Youth drop in centre has participants come from struggling families and unstable family units,” says Tina Phanthaamath, Program Manager. “The youth centre is giving hope in a neighbourhood known for poverty, broken homes and violence.”

“Hope Ventures is an Entrepreneurship Training Program offered to pregnant/parenting youth,” says Shawna Norman, program coordinator. “The program equips young parents with skills that improve their economic and social stability. They leave with concrete goals as to how they will make that happen.” Rose, who went through the program states, “When you have someone backing you it makes a big difference. Hope Ventures provided the right pool of people to bring my vision to light. My ultimate goal is to sponsor a school in my home country of Haiti. That would be amazing.”

“We have seen young people grow some measure toward independent adulthood in their stays with us,” Sutton Youth Shelter director expresses, “We have helped young people find places to live, rekindle broken family relationships, seek out specific help, find work and school. “These young men and women are better off for having been cared for with the provision of love and dignity.”

“Many of us need a helping hand during our respective journeys in all stages of our lives…let’s make it easier for this demographic – where they have so much glorious life to live ahead of them,” comments Ben Kawa, National Director Sales and Strategic Partnerships with First National and Founding Kares committee member.

Karing is easy! Simply go online to kares.ca, choose a program that speaks to you and make your donation – either lump sum or monthly.

You will receive a tax receipt as well as an opportunity to upload your logo into a kares templated logo to use for your community marketing.

Founding Kares Committee member, Frances Hinojosa “Through the various charities KARES supports, the mortgage community has the power to make a significant difference in the lives of the youth who more often than not are forgotten. To be able to support a cause that could change another human life for the better is truly a blessing. To help another human is truly the foundation of the soul and the purpose of life.”

Our deepest thanks again to all the brokers that have given so generously through 100 Brokers Who Care!

Take a moment now to visit at Kares.ca, choose your program and commit to $25.00 per month.

About Kares.ca

KARES (Kids at Risk Embracing Success) is a national giving program for the Canadian mortgage industry focused on youth between the ages of 16 and 24. During the transitional period from teenager to adulthood, this at-risk demographic often slips through the cracks and becomes forgotten. More prone to falling into prostitution, drug addiction, homelessness and abuse, these young adults desperately need attention and support. By helping kids at a critical time in their lives, Kares.ca hopes to make a substantial and sustained positive change in their lives to help build their futures.

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