London, United Kingdom, May 15, 2018 –(– The Marriott specialists at the Travel and Leisure Group discuss the different ways of buying or renting a Marriott Vacation Club ownership. If you are a Marriott owner or are looking to rent or buy a Marriott timeshare, Travel and Leisure representatives suggest talking with their marketing department in regards to the available options for Marriott owners when they are looking to sell and rent their Marriott timeshare weeks and the Marriott Destinations Points Club.

Marriott Vacation Club is one of the premier vacation ownership programs in the world. Marriott Vacations Worldwide were founded in 1984 and have accumulated more than 400,000 members and over 70 resorts globally. Leading the world in timeshare ownership programs, Marriott Vacations Worldwide have just acquired the ILG Group which owns Interval International for some $4.7 Billion.

With such a foothold in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, Twelve30FourMarketing wanted to know what this would mean to the secondary market from a resale and rental opportunity. When asked how the purchase of ILG by the Marriott Vacations Worldwide will affect the Resale and Rental industry, Marriott broker specialist, Gavin Brown Eidsgard replied, “When a company as influential as Marriott purchases a large competitor like ILG, it can only be good for the industry. Marriott are the leaders in quality and customer satisfaction and I can only see this takeover as a benefits to buying a Marriott Timeshare Resale.”

When asked how will this impact the Marriott Timeshare Rental options, Gavin said, “To be honest, we have noticed that over the last few years that Marriott Rental enquiries have increased hugely. We just do not have enough rental availability to serve the renters we already acquire, so I would ask that if you are a Marriott Owner, please contact us as we may have a renter waiting for your ownership.”

So what does this mean to Marriott Owners themselves? Kellie Hammond, who has been with the company 20 years, says “In my experience, Marriott Ownership has always been one of the best performing resale and rental options in the marketplace. Their resort quality and attention to detail make them so desirable it makes our job easy. When we take a customer's ownership and place it for sale or rent, we advise them that if priced correctly and more importantly with the market value, your ownership should take no time at all to either rent or sell.” When asked, “How can you advise someone of these facts when they want to Sell Marriott Timeshare?” Kelly replied, “Over the years, we have been in the resale and rental industry, we have built the knowledge to advise customers on pricing and procedures. So we’re continuously updating our records to give Marriott Owners the relevant data for there resorts and points programs.”

Jason Clowrey at Twelve30FourMarketing thinks it’s safe to say "If you are a Marriott Timeshare Weeks owner or a Marriott Destinations Points Club owner, things are looking up. If you are unable to utilise it for any reason, I believe that Travel and Leisure will be able to assist you in either renting you dates and selling you ownership in its entirety."

Contact Travel and Leisure for full details and move forward with the World Leaders in Marriott Timeshare Ownerships.

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