Tosh Cole, a top-rated kids’ book writer, recently announced the arrival of her most recent work, “Maddie’s Scary Exam: Conquer Stress Before the Test,” on Amazon. An amazing story that introduces the ideas of self-esteem and fearlessness to children. Cole’s recent book has immediately gotten readers’ attention and garnering many accolades for strengthening key life matters to kids worldwide. Tosh Cole centers around writing stories for kids that advance self-esteem, Life essential skills, and confidence.

Childhood should be carefree and brimming with fun but that’s not the case for many kids as they struggle with certain emotional issues. Such challenges which children of any age can experience are tackled in Tosh Cole’s series of books. The author used interactive narration to let the readers put their feet into the shoes of Maddie, a school going girl who is struck with the fear before her big exam. The story narrates how Maddie overcomes her fears as her mom helped Maddie obliterate her pestering questions and uneasiness, all with the assistance of positive affirmations, and mantras! It applies a profound impact leading to a positive change in any child’s life. Like the way, they helped Maddie. 

Readers loved the interesting journey of learning in the world of Maddie and her mom. An early reader Shan D commented- Wow, such a great children book! The book offers great illustrations throughout the story, and there are some fun activities for kids at the end of the book. Highly recommended.” 

Another reader wrote “How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Excitement! The way Tosh Cole touches on relieving a child’s stress and anxiety before an exam and reminding them of the values they have is remarkable…….Take my advice this story is worth adding to your personal library!!!!”

The earlier book released Maddie Learns to Love Herself” (includes narrated animation) entails the story and mantras based on self-esteem. It depicts how the feeling of passiveness and left out can be overcome with positive affirmation and mantras.

Tosh Cole, an army veteran released the books with a sole vision that every child must comprehend the key to overcoming anxiety before any situation that they may look throughout everyday life. Clear narration with inconspicuous, amazing, and powerful recommendations, the Maddie series of books are a fundamental set to keep at home or in the school library.