1.) What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on my new album and getting ready to perform on the 2017 Love After Dark cruise on Carnival

2.) Do you think music for you is a hobby or passion?
Music for me is definitely a passion. Always has and always will be. I eat breathe and sleep music lol.

3.) What inspired your recent releases?
My recent releases are inspired by past relationships and life experiences.

4.) How do you think your music will change people?
I typically try to write or make music that people can relate to and really feel and be inspired by. I love to paint vivid stories in my music so that you not only hear the music but you can close your eyes and see it also.

5.) Do you find it hard to make it in this industry?
Honestly, I’m not going to say that it’s easy but I do find that if you have a great team behind you and you stay consistent in everything that you do along with making the right connections then you can’t lose.

6.) What is the name of your album?
The title of my new album is “On To The Next”

7.) What can we expect to hear and see from you in the near future?
My new album coming in 2017 as well as performing on the 2017 Love After Dark cruise on Carnival.

8.) What do you think sets you aside from other artist?
My unique sound, being able to write/produce for both male and female and I sing as well as rap.

9.) Which do you prefer to be classified as a Pop artist or R&B?
To be honest I’d like to be classified as an artist in general. There’s so many different lanes that I would love to cross over in to so I wouldn’t want to really be classified as a certain type of artist.

10.) Since you recently were added to the Sony umbrella, do you think it has made your presence stronger?
Yes, most definitely. People in the industry are definitely starting to take notice.

11.) What was the meaning behind “On to The Next”, “Electric”, and “My Appreciation”?
On To The Next embodies a relationship going left after a series of events take place leading up to a heartbroken free person. Similar to an anthem for the newly single, J-Hen may have given Beyonce a run for her money!

Electric is basically about a girl being so attractive that she’s electric and and I’m her “plug” or the one for her and I’m showing her the good lavish life.

My appreciation is basically about me catching feelings too early for a girl but I accept it by showing my appreciation to the girl for her beauty and loyalty to me intimately.

12.) How do you feel you represent Texas?
My music video, Baby Come On, was shot in Dallas, Texas which shows much of Dallas as well as the Dallas sky line. It has been played locally, nationally as well as internationally in clubs and on several TV networks.

For more information visit http://www.j-hen.com/