Synopsis, a party game that encourages creative writing, inside jokes and laughter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5000 to kick-off production. Casual gamers young and old have early access to the initial set of storylines.

JACKSON, NJ, April 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Synopsis is inspired by a traditional British parlor game designer Patrick Marini and his family have been playing for generations, especially around the holidays. After months of research and development, he reimagined the concept and created a game for future generations to enjoy. There’s no tactics, scores, winners or losers. It’s a simple game anyone can play.

The objective is to collaborate with friends and family to create a series of entertaining anecdotes. Players have the complete creative freedom to write whatever they like, which makes for some hilarious results!

The game works best with three or more players, aged five and older. Each game takes between ten and fifteen minutes to complete, depending on the number of players. All you need to play is a game pad and something to write with.

Each game pad features a themed storyline and prompts to guide the story. All players complete the starter sentences and the game sheets are passed around to create random sequences of events. Responses remain hidden until the combined stories are read aloud. Players are encouraged to be silly, funny or offensive to produce more entertaining results. It’s a game that can be played over and over again, as every story and every game is completely unique.

Synopsis will be launching with five different storylines, exclusively on Kickstarter. Backers can choose between Alien Invasion, Blind Date, Emergency Room, Fairytale and Job Interview. Rewards start at just $1 with an initial Kickstarter offering of just $5 per game pad. By backing the $25 “High five!” reward level, backers will receive all five game pads as well as any and all stretch goals. These include accessories to compliment the game. Rewards will ship in July, just in time for summer parties and family vacations.

Synopsis is perfect for house parties, dinner parties, work events, family gatherings, barbeques, camping trips and any social gathering. The game pads make great stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts for the whole family and even work as party favors. It’s a game that helps kids develop their creative writing skills, older people to keep their brains active, and generally brings people of all ages together.

Patrick Marini, the Designer and Co-Founder of Synopsis says: “I have such happy memories of playing the game that inspired Synopsis over the years. It’s a family tradition that my grandparents taught my parents, they taught me, and I will teach my children. I feel proud to have reimagined the game and I’m excited to share it with the world. I call myself the co-founder, as many of my family and friends have been an important part of the development process. We’ve tried and tested many different variations and storylines to make the game as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible. We also have many more storylines and creative ideas in development, that I can’t wait to explore.”

About Patrick Marini

Designer and Co-founder of Synopsis, Patrick Marini is passionate about designing and making. He has worked in graphic design and product development for almost 15 years in both the UK and USA. His knowledge and experience has helped him develop a fun and functional game, as well as a solid plan for manufacturing, shipping and delivery. He has already launched successful product campaigns on Kickstarter, and is once again ready to meet the requirements and responsibilities of a creator.

After moving from his native Great Britain in 2010, Patrick has been embracing life in the United States, and is excited to bring a taste of the UK across the pond. Synopsis has a special place in his heart. His goal is to have others play the game and make lasting memories for themselves.

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