All Star Business SolutionsAs a vet, Walter Little has seen his share of hot locations in more ways than one, and “being up for a challenge” is still what he wakes up for. The new challenge is adventure of a different kind: providing small business services better than client expectations.

According to Walter, small and new businesses face plenty of challenges, but basic needs like commercial insurance, legal coverage and perhaps even utilities needn’t be on the list of difficulties. (ASBS started with commercial insurance and has since added legal service plans and discounted utility plans.)

The issue as Mr. Little sees it is, as always, trust. “If any little bit of trust can be built first, then the rest comes easily. I learned that the hard way in the service and again as an insurance agent,” Walter said.

Walter’s motive for starting All Star Business Solutions formed while watching other agents gloss over core values. “Those guys stopped caring the moment a signature happened,” Walter said. “I really just couldn’t stand it; I had to do better.”

When asked why he smiles when the subject is business start-ups, Walter said, “I don’t mind doing a little hand-holding and I don’t mind answering a pile of questions; I know the material and that’s my job. I love it.”

The other part of the All Star story has been making products like commercial insurance easy to deal with. Walter calls it a “mission.”

The website,, focuses on clear explanations and uses short videos at every stage for simplicity. The Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) relies on short videos called “white boards” or “explainer” videos that are video versions of slide shows. A quick personal explanation from the videos is about like hearing from Walter by phone – they’re a bit more personal and natural than reading pages of text.

“The videos are kind of like a phone call with a little animation,” said Walter. “A quick phone chat is one of the best ways to deal with insurance or legal plans or finding out what deregulated power service can really mean for someone. You can read web pages all day and come out of it not really understanding all the text swimming around between your ears,” he explained.

Clients often lose the personal touch when the internet is in the middle – another “mission” for Walter. He faces that challenge by setting up video calls on Skype when possible for a more personal first meeting. Phone, email, website and texting are all in the mix.

“I’ll use anything short of carrier pigeons and smoke signals; whatever works for the client,” Walter says. “I’m licensed in Texas for insurance and Texas is where I’m from, but I can provide some services pretty much anywhere,” Walter declared.

Walter Little

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