With the emergence of Bitcoin, huge energy consumptions, high transaction fees & slow transaction speeds have limited cryptocurrency applications. In comparison, American Coin may provide something different and thus valuable for the public to try.

SEATTLE, WA, June 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — American Coin is pleased to announce that its blockchain-based green cryptocurrency, American Coin, now opens to the public for testing use. Individuals from any corner of the globe may freely use it from home computers or smart phones after registration at its official users interface at: https://ac.americancoin.app/register

According to its innovational design, American Coin (symbol: AC), provides global cryptocurrency users with the following practical benefits:

1) Almost zero-energy consumption: Unlike Bitcoin, which consumes numerous electricity each year that is higher than the entire country’s energy-consumption in Sweden, American Coin does NOT consume any extra energy beyond user’s computer’s or smart phone’s normal energy-consumption for any of its transactions.

2) Instant cross-border transaction: Unlike Bitcoin, which usually requires 10-60 minutes to complete a transaction no matter where you are located, American Coin usually completes a cross-border transaction in second/s WITHOUT latency. For instance, if you send 1,000,000 AC from your home in Texas USA at 13:01:01 UTC to your friend in South Africa, your friend’s wallet may probably have received the 1,000,000 AC at 13:01:03 UTC in South Africa.

3) Micro gas fees: Unlike most cryptocurrencies, which usually requires 1.5% – 10% gas fees to complete a transaction, the gas fee for an American Coin transaction usually cost 5 GWEI. For instance, if you transfer 1,000,000 AC to your friend, your transaction fee is merely 5 GWEI, which may be deemed as ALMOST ZERO.

4) Education as a focus: One of the main purposes of American Coin is to support Americanized K-12 school educations in other countries, and bring as many overseas students to pursue their university degrees in USA as possible. To date, this is the only cryptocurrency with education as a focus.

5) Commercial use as a key: As part of a new blockchain project, American Coin is positioned to be used for commercial payments for all the products and services being offered at Atlantis Global Club & Mall, which will be launched in the near future.

6) No purchase requirement: All testing users, who complete the initial registration by June 30, 2021, will receive certain amount of American Coin so that they may actually test and experience the transactions of American Coin from various aspects. During the whole testing period, there is NO purchase requirement at all. FREE is the keyword for this testing.

Because this is the world’s 1st 100% green cryptocurrency which may be a game changer for environmental protection endeavors, American Coin encourages all interested individuals to register as a user and test it without hesitation. The gifted American Coin will respectively be distributed to each registered user after June 30, 2021.

American Coin is a US corporate entity providing global users with a green cryptocurrency called “American Coin”. It is the newest innovative product based on the latest blockchain technology, which may be used for both investment and cross-border payment tools. For more information, please check the following web links:

1) Registration: https://ac.americancoin.app/register

2) Introduction: https://atlantiscoin.app/american-coin.html

3) Airdrop Info: https://atlantiscoin.app/great-opportunity-airdrop-for-all-to-receive … nuses.html

4) Global Page: https://www.facebook.com/AC800

5) Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmericanCoin800

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