Biovancia sheds light on the 5 things consumers should avoid when using turmeric for its health benefits.

PARIS, FRANCE, April 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Biovancia, creator of Prostalim XR and CoQ10, revealed 5 mistakes consumers should avoid when using turmeric for its health benefits. Mistakes Biovancia listed include: not caring about the absorption rate of the turmeric formulation, not reading the ingredient list, neglecting the other components of turmeric, not checking the origin of the turmeric, and neglecting the ingredients that—when included in the turmeric formulation—enhance the benefits of turmeric.

In the April 2022 Medium article, “New Revelation on Turmeric, the 5 Mistakes Not to Make,” Biovancia shared key points to avoid or consider when vetting turmeric health supplements. The company stated, “If you’re interested in natural health, you shouldn’t miss turmeric. This magnificent spice is at the heart of scientific research. Nearly 20,000 studies have been devoted to this herb and they confirm the power of the natural health benefits of turmeric. The majority of research has focused on the beneficial role of turmeric on cancer cells, inflammation, and oxidation. This is not surprising when you know that a large number of health problems are directly linked to these 3 phenomena. Then you realize the importance of turmeric if you want to stay healthy for as long as possible. However, to take advantage of the treasures of this spice, there are 5 things that you may not be aware of that you’ll definitely want to take into account.”

Biovancia went on to reveal the five mistakes to avoid when using turmeric as a health supplement:

1. Not caring about the bioavailability of turmeric. Biovancia warned that people should avoid using turmeric supplements with low absorption rates. Biovancia shared that because raw curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) is not absorbed well by the body, consumers should opt for turmeric products that offer increased absorption or high bioavailability.

2. Not reading the ingredient list. Biovancia said to avoid formulations that contain polysorbate 80 or piperine.

3. Neglecting the other components of turmeric. Biovancia urged consumers to forgo formulations without tetrahydrocurcumin.

4. Not checking the origin of the turmeric. Biovancia stated that people should use trusted turmeric sources with high safety standards, vetted for human consumption.

5. Neglecting the ingredient that can increase the effectiveness of turmeric. Biovancia warned that turmeric formulations should contain Coenzyme Q10 to get the most out of turmeric’s health benefits.

Founded in 2018, Biovancia is a nutritional supplement company. Biovancia offers high quality supplements manufactured in France. The company’s mission is to combine the most valuable components from nature with scientific innovations, to deliver quality products.

The turmeric plant is a rhizome of Curcurma longa. The spice is yellow-orange and comes from the pulp of the underground stem. Curcumin, a curcuminoid, is one of the active components in turmeric. Turmeric is popular for its proven medicinal properties—including antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, hepatoprotective and immunostimulant.

About Biovancia
Biovancia is a nutritional supplement company, located in France. Biovancia uses active ingredients from nature and science to create quality, nutritional supplements. The company is known for producing Prostalim XR, CoQ10, Artimium 360, and NutraMag B6, and Neo-Collagen. Biovancia was founded in 2018.

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