New Book Puts Homeopathy in Your Hands for Your Family

ROCHESTER, NY, November 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — More and more people are discovering that they can take healthcare treatment into their own hands for themselves and their families through time-trusted methods of homeopathy. While homeopathy has been used for centuries, many people are unsure what homeopathy is, or where to begin learning about it. A new book, The Alternative: Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, Volume 1, by Elena Upton, PhD., (ISBN: 978-0972641708, $24.99 paperback, November 2018) is the perfect all-inclusive primer for folks just getting started — and a comprehensive resource for current practitioners.

Want to stop a cold before it starts? Try flower essences aconitum and bryonia at the first signs of discomfort. And for the flu? Oscillococcinum is the homeopathic go-to remedy for body aches, chills, and chest cough. A wide world of palliative and preventative homeopathic care is now accessible to you and your family in the pages of The Alternative: Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, Volume 1. With more and more people skipping a trip to the doctor and choosing alternative healthcare, there’s no reason to feel left behind in the movement.

“I created this book to tear down barriers to homeopathic healthcare, expose the tools available to everyone, and teach people how to ask the correct questions,” Elena Upton says. “The book dedicates an entire chapter on why we get sick and how to get well. It takes you on a journey into understanding the five most well-known and accepted methods of natural, holistic, alternative medicine available today,” the author writes. “Beyond that, it’s a manual for folks to readily find holistic methods of treating hundreds of situations requiring first-aid, as well as common conditions and diseases. This is the book you’ll use over and over for years to come.”

Dr. Elena Upton has over thirty years’ experience practicing and studying with the finest holistic doctors around the world. She first trained at the British Institute of Homeopathy under Dr. Trevor Cook, homeopath to Queen Victoria of England. She has earned master’s and doctorate degrees in homeopathy from Curentur University (now American University of Complimentary Medicine) and completed extensive post-doctoral work. She has also studied German Biological Medicine, Gemmotherapy, Phenolic Therapy, and other holistic modalities.

The Alternative: Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, Volume 1 is available at neighborhood and online booksellers. More information about Dr. Elena Upton, her book, her blog, and other articles can be found at

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