The clinic has recently offered guests the option to receive ibogaine treatment multiple times per year at a discounted rate. In doing so, a person will feel an elevated mood year by continuing to experience the long term effects of the medicine.

MIAMI, FL, September 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ibogaine hydrochloride slowly metabolizes into a natural anti-depressant called noribogaine. This holistic remedy may enhance a person’s mood. This offers a healthy approach to dealing with chemical depression in not only opiate addicts and trauma victims, but those struggling with chemical depression as well.

As the clinic analyzes the initial success of the guest receiving treatment, further follow-up is essential regarding the active metabolite processes in the months to follow. Many people who receive ibogaine treatment may continue to return to the clinic for ongoing treatment. Successfully treated patients may leave the clinic feeling chemically balanced and witness tremendous improvements in overall performance. This is due to the potential effects of noribogaine and its ability to increase communication among serotonin transporters in the brain.

The only issue is that the effects begin to fade six months after treatment. For some, as the effects of noribogaine begin to fade, the person becomes situated in life and no longer needs any additional treatment. For others, like those struggling with ongoing chemical depression, it requires more and ongoing treatment.

Ibogaine by David Dardashti offers psychedelic treatment for a variety of mental-related issues.

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