There are a lot of diets that claim you can lose weight fast, but how healthy is it? Scientifically, most fast weight loss diets cut down your muscles & water instead of fat. here are some diets that allow you to shed pounds quickly and healthy

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are a lot of diets that claim you can lose weight fast, but how healthy is it? Scientifically, most fast weight loss diets cut down your muscles, bones, and water instead of fat, which means that even if you lose weight, you will gain it back quickly and store more fat. Your body assumes you are starving and therefore stores fat for fuel, using your muscles as energy instead. We found a few diets that cover a few of these categories: diets that allow you to shed pounds quickly, but store fat, and diets that are healthier that help you lose a couple pounds a week.

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For Short Term Weight Loss
There are many occasions when you just want to drop over five pounds; to look amazing in a new outfit, to make an ex jealous, or just to prove to yourself that you have the willpower to lose weight. The Ice Cream Diet, also known as the Military Diet (although not associated with the military at all), promises a loss of ten pounds per week, or thirty pounds per month. This fast dieting approach does not promise to keep the pounds off after you finish dieting, nor is it safe to continue this diet for more than four weeks due to the lack of calories you are consuming.

The way it works is you have three days where you decrease your calorie count down from 1,400 all the way to just 1,100 a day. The foods you eat are rich in protein, such as tuna, hot dogs and eggs, but it doesn’t shy away from carbohydrates and dairy, as this diet includes saltine crackers and ice cream (hence the name). The other four days you must limit your calorie count to 1,500 a day, although you don’t have a strict eating regimen as you do on your three days “on.” The Ice Cream Diet also includes intervals where you are not allowed to snack, which means your body goes into a starvation state. This intermittent fasting may decrease your metabolism, but it helps your body burn fuel and allow you to lose weight faster.

For Long Term Weight Loss
Although these methods don’t promise results like the Ice Cream Diet, they teach healthy eating habits and allow for your body to lose the weight permanently. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Eat less. You’ll find you can eat smaller portions and still be full.
2. Count calories and trim them back. Keep a food journal for a few days and figure out how many calories you consume daily, and then cut them back.
3. Get rid of sweet drinks. Water is now your best friend.
4. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Eating five-six times a day will increase your metabolism and keep you fuller for longer.

Fill Your Fridge With Fresh Foods!
Losing weight is all about healthy eating. You can cut your calories down as much as you want, but in order to fuel your body and ensure it’s working properly, you need to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals to fuel yourself and keep your body functioning properly. The amount of nutrients your body needs depends on each individual, so consider consulting with a dietician to get helpful advice on what your body needs.

So, what foods should you eat?
– Make sure you’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 maintains your skin health, helps absorb unhealthy fats, and helps your brain function.
– Replaced refined sugars with natural sugars like maple syrup, agave, or artificial sweeteners.
– Eat whole grains instead of processed foods.
– Pack in the protein! You need protein to build your muscles.
– Get your fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Love Your Body
No matter which new diet you’re on, it always helps to rely on a friend in order to keep you accountable to reach your goals. Make your life easier by curbing your food cravings with herbal supplements. And make sure you work closely with a dietician to ensure you’re on track to eating the correct amount of calories. No matter what, keeping a positive attitude throughout your weight loss journey is key, as it is not easy. Keeping your journey in perspective and learning to love your body as it is can be a great asset in this process.

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