Indiana, USA – Lyman A. Montgomery, a focus consultant, accomplished speaker, certified lifestyle coach, author, and the president of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, is excited to announce the release of his latest and brand new book.

Dubbed as ‘Focused-Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions to Overcome Procrastination and Distractions,’ this revolutionary book is a clever collection of a number of proven techniques that reveal how anyone can take control of their lives as well as remove the distractions that hinder the fulfillment of specific goals.

Presently available in paperback format, this enviable book can be secured online at LitFire website via the following link – It can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

It has been rightly said that ‘if you can master focus, you can master anything.’ One of the greatest challenges of the modern world is being able to focus. Lack of focus can have an enormous impact on a person’s life. Hence, the need for everyone to be equipped with effective strategies for key focused living.

Having learnt how to focus his energies on eliminating his incapacitating beliefs, which in turn led to gaining control of his time and life, if there was anyone to connect with on this subject matter, it certainly is Lyman.

Renowned as a sought-after consultant, Lyman Montgomery said; “I am absolutely thrilled about the release of my book – Focused-Driven Lifestyle. With a wandering attention, life, work, and relationships can indeed be burdensome and unproductive. This book is a manual that will help you remove those debilitating distractions, annihilate your procrastination and set fulfilling priorities; so you can enjoy a focused-driven lifestyle.”

“In ‘Focused-Driven Lifestyle,’ you have the strategies to help you focus your mind, organize your life and create the future you want: a profitable future over which you have complete control. Make use of that help,” Montgomery concluded.

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“Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC provides professional and personal lifestyle coaching services, designed to help you focus at work while staying active in your social life.  From relationship coaching services seminars to lifestyle coaching, you can count on our expertise for ensuring your personal and professional self-improvement.

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