Cannabis expert opens his 3rd CBD store in Minnesota after the 2018 farm bill finally passed.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nothing But Hemp LLC, opens its flagship store in the heart of Uptown and South Minneapolis. It is the first dedicated CBD and hemp specialty store of its kind in the heart of Minneapolis. Nothing But Hemp LLC, has generated a big name for itself already and has been featured on: Minnesota Public Radio, Marijuana Ventures – which is the #1 Business Cannabis Magazine in the country; and FOX and ABC.

An Industry Background

Steven Brown, the CEO of Nothing But Hemp, has consulted for top-tier dispensaries out West and is now bringing his knowledge to the Twin Cities, where he resides. The South Minneapolis Nothing But Hemp location will carry the full range of products including: CBD tinctures, CBD bath bombs, CBD dabs, CBD vape pens, CBD edibles, hemp clothing, and much more. Because of Brown’s vast experience working in the cannabis industry out West, he has acquired direct relationships with leading cultivators. This has enabled him to provide his clients with CBD products that have undergone strict quality controls. Moreover, it offers an unrivaled holistic farm to table experience.

Low Prices and Award Winning Products

Nothing But Hemp’s top quality product pricing is typically a whopping 50% to 70% less expensive than competitors for premium hemp products. Further, the company only carries products that have won prestigious cannabis awards, including: Leaf Link Awards, Cannabis Cup Awards, Cannabist Awards, and more. Some of their products have been featured in Woman’s Health Magazine, Forbes, Herb, Buzz Feed, and Times and High Times. When Nothing But Hemp talks quality, it means quality. It does not carry any products from China, and all of the products are 3rd party lab tested by certified cannabis labs.

The CEO, Steven Brown, makes the point that: “We are not here to just sell you something, we are here to make a difference in your lives. We are excited to provide customers with the care they need, and what I mean by this, is using Mother Earth to help heal the body. We want quality products to be accessible to everyone, and we want our clients to feel good, and feel like champs.”

Trained Staff

Nothing But Hemp believe in giving the best quality service possible. To that end, it goes as far as ensuring that every owner and employee attains certification of the endocannabinoid system. That way, they can explain to customers exactly how CBD works in the body. Consumers will not find this level of expertise anywhere else in the Twin Cities.


Not only does Nothing But Hemp care about what goes into their client’s bodies, it is also very proud to be a green company. It does not believe in giving out plastic bags, and instead promotes reusable bags, just like the co-ops. Further, it does not print receipts – so it saves on paper, and just emails or texts them to customers instead. Nothing But Hemp cares about the environment and the future of the planet, as much as it cares about clients’ bodies.

Nothing But Hemp will be opening its Minneapolis CBD store the first week of January.

The address of the new CBD specialty store is 617 West Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55408.

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Nothing But Hemp was established out of the need and desire to provide individuals with a healthy and safe alternative for dealing with chronic pain, alleviating anxiety, and decreasing depression through CBD oil.

As most people are aware big bad pharmaceutical companies are getting people addicted to pain pills and depression medicines. We found through research that most pharmaceutical medicines are harmful for humans to consume and have tons of addictive properties.

We found this wrong and inhumane. That is why we created Nothing But Hemp to help people find a natural CBD oil way to deal with pain and depression without causing addiction and an increase chance of suicide from taking pharmaceuticals. We have faced it ourselves and have lost a friends and relatives because of pharmaceuticals effects. That is why we have so much passion for CBD oil.

CBD OIL Benefits, Brain, Eyes, Heart, Stomach, Intestines, Skin, Bones and Joints.

Nothing But Hemp will continue to speak up against Big Pharma and to provide the healthiest CBD oil and products to give customers relief they need & body deserves.

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