Prom is one night to celebrate the end of your year with all of your friends. So, how can you prepare this magical night to ensure you’re feeling best, you’re at your best, and you look your best?

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you’re like most people, you want to have the best prom ever. Prom is one night to celebrate the end of your year with all of your friends. So, how can you prepare this magical night to ensure you’re feeling best, you’re at your best, and you look your best? There are tons of blogs and magazines all screaming at you, promising that this brand is the best for you to use, and this is the best diet to be on, but how can you wade through all these product claims and stay true to yourself? We found three perfect tips to follow to ensure you’re still looking great but are still comfortable with who you are.

Avoid The Diet
There are tons of diets that claim you can lose weight fast so you can look your best at prom, but experts say that losing weight quickly is extremely unhealthy for you, and once you’re off the diet, you just regain the weight back right away. Instead, if you want to slim down in a healthy way, you can start taking a natural supplement, such as forskolin or saffron, which act as appetite suppressants. Saffron is especially helpful as it helps you feel fuller for longer and regulates your blood sugar levels. This way you can avoid sugar cravings and eat less, where you can easily drop pounds within a few weeks. Remember that herbal supplements include a warning that you must consult your doctor if you are below 18 just to ensure your body won’t’ react poorly to the supplement. To learn more about supplements and their side effects, you can go to Consumer Advisors here.

Cutting down your sugar consumption and eating more fruits and vegetables are not only a great way to lose weight but a healthy way to eat. Your body will thank you for eating a salad now and then. It is also important to stay active, again not only to help you lose weight but to feel more energized as well. Nothing will ruin your prom night more than feeling tired early, so along with the coffee, you can pump yourself up with twenty minutes of exercise every three days. You’ll see your energy rise and your sleep improve with this small adjustment in your schedule.

For Flawless Skin
We don’t need to remind you that a bad breakout could be a disaster on prom night. Luckily, there is no need to buy expensive soaps and creams – a great way to keep your skin clear and healthy is to:

– drink plenty of water. Your skin needs water to maintain its elasticity and to get rid of toxins
– take omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids build up your skin cell barrier and keep your skin healthy with its antioxidant use.
– You can also get omega-3 from salmon or bass, so eat a few servings of these fish per week.
– Make calming skin scrubs out of milk and honey. The acidity in the milk will act as an exfoliator, getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, and honey will soothe your skin, getting rid of any redness.

All The Dresses!
Going dress shopping can be fun if you keep the right frame of mind. Instead of being too stressed out from the amount of choices, styles and colors, go in for a fun few hours with a friend or two and play dress up! Just know that you’ll eventually find the dress. Some quick dress shopping tips are:

– Check the clearance section first! You never know what great finds you will see for actually affordable prices
– Raid mom’s closet. Vintage is in, and maybe you’ll be able to repurpose a nice dress.
– Wherever you go, make sure to bring one honest friend with you. Even if you may look fantastic in every dress, you need that one friend to tell you that your butt looks weird in that cut.
– Go for your style, not in style. If you’re still into polka dots even if they were so 2015, remember that you’re shopping for you, not other people. You know what you’ll enjoy and look good in, so don’t feel badly about buying a style that may not be popular.
– Bedazzling is back in. No, seriously. Have some friends over for a craft night and glue on any accessory from bags to shoes to jazz them up.
– Alter your dress! Remember, seamstresses exist, so if you find the perfect dress that is too big or an awkward length, you can change it to fit your specifications. Just make sure it’s done in time!

No More Need To Stress!
There may be no other season more stressful than prom. There is so much to coordinate, book, plan and buy, and sooner than you know it, it’s over already! WIth these few tips, we hope you can bring yourself prepped and poised to your satisfaction. High school is all about learning about who you are, so don’t shy away from trying new things. Buy the dress that speaks to you and that you know you look good in. Keep a healthy exercise routine and make sure to eat a vegetable now and then, and you’ll be able to maintain an amazing body image.

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