Timalfes Natural Cosmetics, a company based on Giannitsa, Greece has emerged along with high-quality, all-natural cosmetic products which are truly plant-based and mineral-based in their ingredients. Timalfes in Greek means “valuable.”

In an era where cosmetic corporations are seeking to be more natural, green and claim to have minerals in their cosmetics, women can discover two things. One is they don’t have natural minerals or ingredients they claim to but have many additives and chemicals. Second is that they have more natural ingredients base but lack the appeal and quality which most women search for in their makeup.

Timalfes Natural Cosmetics is not just an all-natural cosmetic company. They are also PARABEN-FREE, vegan and cruelty-free. Along with hidden ingredients skulking in the majority of cosmetics these days, women who are in strict paraben-free skin products and diet can be free of worries when it comes to what they’re wearing in Timalfes Cosmetics.

We create natural products suitable for all ages, without the use of hazardous chemicals, without parabens, without animal testing. We use our own tried-and-tested recipes, with mild preservatives, in special packages that do not allow the product to contact with air and bacteria,” said Liana Tsormpatzidou, the creator and inspirer of fresh, natural cosmetics on Timalfes.

Liana is a cosmetologist and a mother of four children who was diagnosed with breast cancer. With her condition, she decided to use this to brought changes to all women in the world. Timalfes Natural Cosmetics’ first face creams were born throughout her healing journey. These creations were born through Liana’s personal need for an array of fresh ingredients which don’t burden the body with unnecessary chemicals which are toxic and harmful.

Later on, her first ever “Liana’s Cream” became the major liking for her family and friends. Just last year, she decided to present the certified Timalfes Product Line on the market, keeping its same recipes and committed to its original vision and purpose – to produce high-quality products made from raw materials without toxic chemicals.

Timalfes Natural Cosmetics’ product line has different products for the face, eyes and more. Timalfes is perfect for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin. The botanical ingredients in Timalfes are both soothing and healing and help enhance the quality of skin over time. Those ingredients include jojoba that helps in acne reduction and establishes balance in the skin; honey extract that can smooth and enhance the look of the skin, and more natural ingredients.

Timalfes Cosmetics is made in Greece and aims to have only the best ingredients going into their cosmetic lines. Today, the company is looking for collaboration in New York.

About Timalfes Natural Cosmetics:

Founded in 2013, Timalfes Natural Cosmetics is based on Greece that strives to offer affordable pricing on all of its natural cosmetic products.


Interested collaborators can contact Liana Tsormpatzidou at (+30) 6937591043 or email her at [email protected]. Visit their website at  http://timalfes.com/en/. For more information, follow them on Instagram @timalfes.cosmetics and Facebook @timalfes.cosmetics.