There are many different brands of watch winders on the market, with a wide variety and a wide range of good and bad. It will make people dazzling when buying a watch winder. People often don’t know what style to buy

PHOENIX, AZ, July 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are many different brands of watch winders on the market, with a wide variety and a wide range of good and bad. It will make people dazzling when buying a watch winder. People often don’t know what style to buy, and don’t understand what function should a watch winder have.

Some customers may even be deceived by false advertising to buy a not so good quality watch winder, so it is not worth the loss. Today we have listed some of the types of watch winders, hoping to help customers in some ways.

The Function of the Watch Winder

There is a proper amount of activity to keep your automatic mechanical watch wound. Stopping an automatic watch for too long can cause rust inside the movement, which can easily lead to wear and tear when it runs again, thus affecting time accuracy and the life of the watch. With a watch winder, you can protect your watch and extend the life of your watch.

If you have an automatic watch with complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar or a moon phase indicator, it can be very difficult to adjust these functions manually. Whereas when you have an automatic watch winder, your watch will always be wound correctly and you don’t have to re-adjust the settings. Whenever you want, you can just wear it on.

Types of Watch Winder

From the Watch Position

The single watch winder are compact and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Piguet & son’s one-watch winder, for example, features a three-dimensional rotation and a novel shape. And rapport’s single watch winder comes in many colors which dazzle your eyes.

Single watch winder are also portable. Many models come with battery power, so it will be convenient when you have a business trip.

The multi-watch winder has a separate motor for each dial, which means you can set individual modes for each dial. So one winder can place many different brand of watches. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you see your watch winder filled with watches. But the disadvantage is that it is bulky and can only be placed at home and you cannot easily move them around.

The watch winder with storage is similar to the multi-watch winder, but it is more practical. Not only can you wind your watch, but you can also store things like bracelets.

From the Material

The housing material of the watch winder is relatively diverse. Commercially available watch winders are mainly made of wood. The surface of most wooden winders are through many processes, so they are smooth and shiny, with a silky texture like a piano surface.

Walnut wood pattern is retro, while pear wood pattern is beautiful. Many wood watch winders also have special fragrance, insect-resistant and corrosion-resistant and durable.

In addition to wooden watch winders, there are some using carbon fiber which is hard, and with a nice lattice pattern, very good-looking.

From the Form of Winding

Conventional models of watch winders are generally controlled by buttons or knobs. There are usually several settings for rotation, number of revolutions and rest time. This setting is relatively single and simple.

The remote control models with LED displays look a little more advanced. Some brands have models that can do set the TPD of the watch and set it to continue rotating after the resultant hours apart, which is closer to the intensity of movement we usually have with a watch. The winding is more accurate.

There is also a kind of watch winder with a USB interface that you can control it by a separate operating software equipped with the watch winder and set the operation mode. The more professional winders can even automatically recognize the movement by entering its model number, but of course, they are more expensive.

Other Things to note

There are many brands and types of meter winders on the market. Here I have listed some notes:

1. Buy one with a good quality motor. A bad quality motor may cause the watch to magnetize and reduce its accuracy of the watch.

2. Buy one with an adjustable watch pillow. This kind of watch pillow is more compatible, and both men’s and women’s straps can be firmly fixed on the pillow and will not fall off.

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