Looking for Passover Lunch and Dinner in a Glatt Kosher Restaurant in Manhattan, New York? For over 15 years, Talia’s Steakhouse has been offering prepaid Glatt Kosher lunch and dinner Seders during Passover (Pesach), Yom Tov and Shabbat.

NEW YORK, NY, March 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — This coming Passover 2018, your journey should not be as long as our ancestors to find a decent meal. Look no farther, Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar has you covered. Whether you are interested in a fabulous restaurant for the Seder or you don’t belong to any local synagogue, Talia’s guarantees satisfaction for ALL of your Passover needs.

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Meeting the highest standards of Kosher for Pesach and Kosher in general, for over 15 years, Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar has been serving Kosher foods all Passover long. With multiple menus and options available, we provide a great variety of Glatt Kosher foods.

Want to know how we make our kitchen Kosher for Pessach? See https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20120403/upper-west-side/uws-restaur … eder-menus

Who said Passover meals had to be only Matzot and potatoes? In Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar you’ll find assorted meat & fish dishes, house special soups and salads, and even sweet deserts. Talia’s prides itself on its diverse menu of food styles including Yemenite, Mediterranean & American cuisine.

See https://taliassteakhouse.com/holidays/jewish-holidays/passover/ for more information about the menus.

Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar also hosts every year 4 Seder feasts, two pre-paid feasts in each Yom-Tov! There’s no need to get frustrated about organizing the house to fit the entire family, Talia’s has enough room for everybody. Not only that, but you can also have pre-paid lunch on each Yom-Tov. A real life-saver if you’ll ask me.

If you want to know more about meals and schedule: https://taliassteakhouse.com/holidays/jewish-holidays/passover/

But that’s not all, because you can also have all this comfort in your own home. Offering a catering service, Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar is a simple, Glatt Kosher, solution to all frustration of cooking for the entire holiday.

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If you’re looking for a Kosher for Pesach restaurant on Chol-HaMoed, keep in mind that Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar is open almost 24 hours a day (11AM – 1AM the next day).

https://ilovetheupperwestside.com/passover-on-the-upper-west-side/ can tell you pretty well about our unique atmosphere.

Talia’s Steakhouse and Bar, will be cooking up a traditional Passover Seders that even your grandma would approve of. The four courses Passover Seder Feast 2018 will include grilled ribeye steak, brisket, chicken marsala, Moroccan salmon, lamb shank, scrumptious desserts and other traditional food such as Matzo ball, a full Seder plate and the traditional four cups of wine. A complete kosher-for-Passover bar with all your favorite Martinis, Cosmos, Mojitos and more is also available.

Even eat-up-ny blog agrees that there’s nothing like out traditional Seder:

Whether you’re looking for a lunch or a fancy dinner, a Yom-Tov meal or a Seder, a place to sit outside or a delivery to your home, Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar has all the answers to your problems, you just need to enjoy:).

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