Art for the People is a boutique of visual & functional art that is located on the vibrant and quirky South 1st. Our building is easily identified by the butterflies and their metamorphic journey. Deanna Serra, owner of Art for the People had a vision to create a space for artists of all genres. We are fervent about promoting our art community. As a boutique of the arts, we have 64 artists in the form of original pieces of art, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, home decor, cards, prints, and fashion.

Art for the People is a contemporary art space and local artisan market whose purpose is to provide a platform to further and sustain the visual arts in Austin, Texas. Provide a space in Austin where all visitors can support and learn about the arts in an openly creative and dynamic environment. Showcasing local talent including artists, artisans, musicians, food makers and different people in the community. Support local businesses, non-profits, and causes through special events as well as raising awareness and fundraising.

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