Third Coast Riviera is a new fine dining establishment on track to debut in Corpus Christi, TX in 2018. Offering an elegant menu filled with beautifully crafted appetizer options and main courses accompanied by flavorful wines and beers made locally, Third Coast Riviera offers a gourmet experience without the extravagant pricing.

The restaurant is the creation of Michael Needleman, a professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. From humble beginnings as a fry cook to restaurant management and assisting in the opening of a local haunt, Michael injects his expertise and passion for fine cuisine into opening this new experience. Third Coast Riviera will become a hub for the community, where families, couples, and friends will be able to celebrate and come together in an inviting environment for a delightful meal.


The philosophy behind opening this restaurant is simple: “Not everyone here in Corpus Christi can afford to go out to eat and spend $300 for a date. That doesn’t mean that they should stay away from going out. This is an option with a simple menu but elegant enough to impress that special person and it doesn’t mean there wont be chefs specials such as coffee rubbed filet mignon with pate de foie gras and white truffle sauce. I just don’t see people wanting to spend the $90 per plate I would have to charge when I can make other chefs specials just as flavorful for about half the price… still elegant and still tasty.”

Patrons will be enchanted by the restaurant’s elegant decor as they enjoy their dinner surrounded by twinkling lights that mimic a stunning night sky. The menu is filled with options picked by Michael himself, including Wasabi Crab Bites, Cranberry-Walnut Stuffed Pork Loin, and Trout Almondine. The affordable pricing adds the final touch of charm to the dining experience and creates a welcoming atmosphere for all patrons. Rather than dropping hundreds on a single meal, diners at Third Coast Riviera will enjoy fair pricing and an enticing atmosphere that will turn the restaurant into a frequented favorite.

To support this new food venture for your community and to even get some special deals on your next meals there, visit their Kickstarter crowdfunding page here: