Los Angeles, CA – Countless people suffering from varicose veins have seen the condition impact their daily lives, experiencing high levels of discomfort and finding little relief. Aurses Healthcare offices are located in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California’s top choice for vascular surgery and vein treatment centers have mastered the art of minimally invasive treatments for vascular conditions such as varicose veins are helping patients from Long beach to down-town Los Angeles overcome the limitations and challenges imposed by these conditions with state-of-the-art vein treatment options.

Venous insufficiency is also known as venous reflux disease, a condition which leads to varicose veins formation.  The disease process may also manifest with pain, swelling, heaviness, skin irritation or hyperpigmentation, and unappealing large veins on one’s legs.  Varicose veins are the end result from failure of the bicuspid valves within the lower extremities veins closing improperly and allowing the blood to leak between them. For some, this condition is prompted by spending long hours on one’s feet, by genetics, overweight, heart conditions or by hormonal factors such as pregnancy. As varicose veins tend to be more uncomfortable and more of a nuisance than they are dangerous, many people go years without ever speaking to a healthcare provider about their condition.  The cosmetic derangement from varicose vein may manifest as avoidance of public places such as water sports or gyms where one may need to avoid wearing shorts. Medical management constitute of losing weight, exercising, and treating the condition with compression stockings, may temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with venous reflux disease. However, once an affected vein turns into a varicose vein, the damage is irreversible, and worse yet, the newly formed varicose vein can continue to grow, propagate, and become more symptomatic over time.

The long-term effects can be dangerous and have more than just cosmetic downsides, Blood can stay within the veins and turn into cloth, creating severe local inflammation and pain which is called superficial venous thrombophlebitis (SVT). The treatment for SVT involves oral anti-inflammatory medications, warm or cold compression, and even oral anticoagulation (blood thinner).  Some of these medications may have severe adverse reactions, unfortunately, starting from renal failure to uncontrollable bleeding. The SVT is also considered a risk factor for deep venous thrombosis (DVT) as well. DVTs can have many unwanted comorbidities, such as post-thrombotic syndrome, with many manifest as permanent leg swelling, retractable skin ulcers, or chronic leg pain, forcing a patient to early retirement or permanent disability. DVTs can also cause severe cardiopulmonary compromise leading to sudden death. 

By working with a board certified vascular surgeon and addressing the problem early on, people suffering from any of these conditions can reduce their risk of a bad outcome and increase their likelihood of living a more comfortable and pain free lives. Dr. Hamed Taheri, is a board-certified vascular surgeon, the founder of Aurses Healthcare, who performs many innovative procedures to improve varicose veins and associated problems causes from the disease process. Luckily for those suffering from varicose veins, superficial venous reflux disease, SVT or DVT there are many minimally invasive procedures performed at Aurses Healthcare offices to improve their condition.

Patients greatly benefit from undergoing minimally invasive procedures, as they can result in immediate resumption of their activities with almost no recovery time.  While Aurses Healthcare still recommends keeping a close eye on the relevant area of any procedure, including to ice it and watch it closely in the days following the procedures, minimally invasive procedures generally do not result in the downtime unlike the invasive surgical procedures do. Best of all, patients will see results almost immediately, and most patients will see their varicose veins disappear as soon as their procedure is complete.

To learn more about Aurses healthcare and for more information, please contact Aurses healthcare and make an appointment with Dr. Hamed Taheri, MD, RPVI. 

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Aurses Healthcare is a team of dedicated medical practitioners whose main purpose is to provide quality healthcare in a healthy and professional environment. Aurses Healthcare utilizes the latest technology in vascular and general surgery with extensive experience and expertise. Dr. Hamed Taheri, a double-boarded surgeon from the American Board of Surgery in general and vascular surgery is the founder of Aurses Healthcare, helping patients with his expertise.

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