This post is principally created in order to meet your need of searching for alcohol treatment centre present in Texas.

It’s really painful and disheartening to see your friends, relatives, and loved ones wear off gradually and probably finally die as a result of excesses of alcohol. Thus the need of alcohol centers becomes Paramount in order to fix these kinds of problems in the society we live in.

Below is a detailed analysis of various Texas alcohol treatment centers.

Please Note; This list isn’t drafted according to any ranking or preference, all places here was base on our research.


Rock Spring Hospital is one of the Alcohol Treatment centers in Texas, the USA which is specialized in treating adults of age range between 45 & above who are battling with mental addiction issues as a result of Alcohol.

This Texas Alcohol treatment center operates insurance and offers various types of therapy treatments. This treatments includes the; “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”; “Counseling Services”; “Detoxification Evaluation”; “Psychiatric Evaluation”…

Rock Spring Treatment Centre is situated in the heart of Georgetown in Texas, USA.


Warriors Heart is a private alcohol treatment center with a fully residential type of treatment pattern. It is located in Bandera, Texas and is also the first licensed private treatment center in Texas.

Warriors Heart is specialized in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, psychological disorders, moral injuries etc.

Warriors Heart is mainly based mainly on treating military personnel’s.


Burning Tree is located in Kaufman, Texas. It is well known for its relatively low cost, yet the preferably high quality of treatment.

Burning Tree is specialized in the treatment of Chronic Relapse. Its treatments are basically on a long period of residents, and it’s mainly for adults – specifically, adults who might have been to other treatment centers in the past.

Burning Tree is a licensed treatment center by the “Texas Dept of State Health Services.”


If you’re in need of a caring and utmost compassionate team of staffs which are consisting of master clinicians, certified psychiatrists, and experienced nurses, then the “Sojourn Centre” is the best place to be.

It is located in Allen, Texas in the USA, and was officially opened in 2015. Sojourn Centre deals mainly with adults of 45 years of age, and above that are suffering from a various mental illness caused by addictions.

They offer various treatment therapies which include; the “Partial Hospitalization Day Program “and the “Intensive Outpatient Program”.


Santé Center for healing is an alcohol treatment center in Texas; Se Treatments are directed towards individuals who are faced with the problems of substance addiction, behavioral disorders, and health issues.

It is situated in Argyle, Texas. Santé operates both residential and outpatient rehabilitation schemes depending on the degree of such treatment soughed after in Santé.

The clinical cum spiritual environment subjected to patients is something Santé Centre for Healing can boast of.


This is a rehabilitation scheme that is based on peers. It is a program which supports peers recovery from substance abusers and other behavioral issues resulting from excesses of alcohol or other related substances.

Operating from Houston in Texas, Teens And Family Services runs a program designed to hold during the after-school periods and also on weekend days, in order to establish more assessments to participants.

It is a nonprofit program.


This is a treatment center that has been operating for 35 years!

Youth and Counseling is an experienced nonprofit health center which is specifically for citizens of Denton County. It is situated at Lewisville in Texas, USA.

The program is available for individuals of four (4) years and above. This treatment also cuts across both individual, family, or marriage counseling using a 50 minutes scheme. Their counseling is done in Both the English language and Spanish.

8) Grace Counseling Center

This is a Texas treatment center which works on the schedule of nine hours in a week for a conjoined counseling and an hour in the week for individual counseling.

It is situated in Fort Worth, Texas in the USA, and was established in order to meet the needs of mental health disorders and psychological problems in both young and old of a specific family under counseling.

It’s an intensive outpatient program which utilizes specialized therapeutic approaches.

They have specialized and experienced attendants and psychiatric officers as well as nurses.

Hope this list was helpful in helping you find your choice of treatment centers in Texas. Please note once again, We hold no responsibilities if your choice of treatment center failed you in some ways or the other. This list is only based on research and several case studies.

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I wish you well and quick recovery either for you or for a loved one you’re reading this piece for.