Members increase fundamental well-being through intense daily doses of Awe, Gratitude, Laughter, Brainstorming, and Swarm Intelligence

CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 21, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Two NGOs, AI Brainstorm Creator and CHEER (Core Human Experiences Evoked Regularly) have built and led one of the world’s largest AI-assisted social media experiments, by using online videoconferencing to induce Wonder, Laughter, Compassion, Group Mind Mapping, and a mini-Hero’s Journey into study participants. According to CIO Amy Chang “there is something like a Recommended Daily Allowance for peak emotional states, shared by most humans. What we’re doing is exploring and refining those experiences for as many people as possible, so that social media, smartphone apps, the Internet, and AI can be net contributors to psychological well-being, instead of being soul-sucking detractors as they are for so many nowadays.”

The protocols are based on sources as diverse as Gestalt Therapy, the 10 Bhumis of Mahayana Buddhism, Jungian Shadow work, the Stoic thought of Epictetus and Ryan Holiday, Neurodynamic Breathwork, the latest Generative AI, and the practices of current-day neolithic tribes such as the Hadzabe of Tanzania, the Tau’t Batu people from the Philippines, and the Yanomami from the Brazilian Amazon.

For study participants, each day is a new experiment in exploring innovative ways to help others connect with their passions. “It never gets old” says Director of Innovation John Toomey, “because we all thrive when we consistently attain the most sublime emotional experiences, and the best way to optimize these is to share them with others. You can’t inspire others without also inspiring yourself.”

According to Education Director Savithri Patel “The discovery that with AI we can train our brains to attain the most transcendent peak states, customized to each of us and shared with the world so that we can better cooperate with others to address the world’s toughest challenges, represents a new frontier for Humanity.”

The current fifth cohort’s ventures include:

GRATITUDE – Members in 33 countries celebrate together watching live streams of the very first shared moments between mother and child in the largest maternity hospital in the Philippines, in which a baby is born every 12 minutes.

BRAINSTORMING – AI-assisted group mind mapping takes place during Zoom calls, using Participants are creating 170 mind maps for each of the UN’s sub-targets within the 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals. Actionable solutions that come out of the sessions are a side benefit. The real success is sharpening both swarm and artificial intelligence.

AWE – Hundreds of wonder-inspiring online experiences are examined monthly, and the best are ‘upvoted’ like posts on Reddit. Consistent winners include, which features 82 live webcam streams of wildlife all over the world, fresh images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and infinite regression video

LAUGHTER – Participants join laughter yoga club meetings on Zoom or Skype in 31 different countries:

HERO’S JOURNEY Partnering with underground schools for girls in Afghanistan, whose Taliban-led government has made the education of females past primary school illegal, study members
use to create modernized images of ancient Afghan heroines who contend with each other in a virtual ‘Sher Jangi’ or poetry competition, in Dari, Pashto, and Uzbek.

“People wonder about their Life’s purpose,” says Toomey. “When they engage in projects like these consistently, the question goes away. It’s not so much that you FIND the meaning of life, it’s just that if within the scope of every day you are contributing to thousands around the globe through co-creating masterpieces of laughter, awe, heroism, brainstorming, and gratitude, the question starts to fade and eventually loses meaning. When the new mother gazes at her infant for the first time, she doesn’t need to ask about life’s purpose.”

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