Chicago, IL, May 07, 2018 –(– Futurum Research is proud to release its 2018 Digital Transformation Index – the most comprehensive report of its kind on the current state of digital transformation among small, medium, and enterprise-class businesses in North America and Western Europe.

In addition to serving as a benchmark for digital technology adoption among business organizations, the Index provides insights into the role that digital transformation plays on employment. Specifically, it establishes a direct connection between an organization’s ability to quickly adapt to technology disruption over the course of the last three years, and the strength of that organization’s job creation engine for that timeframe.

The index also identifies thirteen critical contributing factors to digital transformation success for organizations of all sizes, as well as common obstacles that still plague nearly one in three businesses currently struggling to adapt to the pace of change. By better understanding what these factors and obstacles are, organizations will find themselves equipped with better tools with which to accelerate and improve their own Digital Transformation and technology adoption programs.

Additionally, Futurum Research’s 2018 Digital Transformation Index:

– Outlines a clear technology adoption framework for business organizations of all sizes, valid for the next five years.
– Identifies ten core technology categories already driving digital transformation into 2025.
– Rates the current technology-facing readiness of nine key departments and seven critical leadership roles across all organizations.
– Provides an accurate snapshot of the ratio of digital transformation laggards and evaluators to digital adopters and leaders in 2018 – a useful benchmark with which to gauge the progress of digital transformation between now and 2025.
– Establishes a direct connection between the pace of technology adoption by agile organizations and a quantifiable improvement in their competitiveness and market leadership. Conversely, the Index outlines ways in which companies struggling to digitally transform quickly (or at all) struggle to remain both competitive and profitable, and provides insights into how to overcome their institutional and operational challenges over the course of the next twelve to thirty-six months.
– Delivers a forward-looking three-year technology adoption outlook for ten business-critical technology categories.
Futurum Research’s 2018 Digital Transformation Index is an essential resource for business leaders, technology analysts and change agents looking for actionable insights and accurate benchmarking data on the current state of digital transformation among small, medium, and enterprise-class business organizations in North America and Western Europe.

To download a copy of Futurum Research’s 2018 Digital Transformation Index click here

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