Positive feedback pours in for cutting-edge Guardio browser extension as online threats become more bold and insidious

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, January 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tech support scams have become a pervasive and costly problem for consumers, with scammers posing as legitimate tech support representatives to trick people into paying for unnecessary services or revealing personal information. Guardio said that in 2022 alone, they detected nearly half a million new tech support scam sites. In an effort to combat this growing threat, Guardio has partnered with the scambaiting community on YouTube, who take revenge on scammers to save victims. Both Guardio and Scambaiters aim to protect consumers and raise awareness about the tactics used by tech support scammers.

One of the most notorious YouTube channels is Scambaiter, who turned Guardio’s attention to the rise of a very sophisticated, next-level campaign of scammers abusing legitimate remote control software to literally get into their victims’ computers and from there directly to their wallets. As a result, Guardio has increased the protection for such RAT Scams and continues to improve their abilities.

Other YouTubers in the community include Trilogy Media, Pleasant Green, and Scammer Payback, who actively went to help a 69-year-old victim in one of their latest videos.

So how exactly does Guardio keep you safe from getting scammed?

The Basics

The power behind the innovative protection software is stopping attacks before they become problematic.

Guardio provides solutions that help combat new threats, create highly secure environments, and improve user’s online experiences. Guardio’s browser extension offers online security and identity monitoring on any device.

In our lives, browsers store some of our most valuable information, including messages, banking and wallet information, passwords, and addresses. Our safety in this new arena depends on a dedicated product. As the first line of defense, Guardio plays a critical role. In contrast to traditional solutions, Guardio detects threats before they reach your browser and cause harm rather than removing them once they are on your computer.

Using Guardio, users are protected while browsing online, helping avoid installing malware and falling prey to scams. They receive real-time alerts when their information may be compromised. In addition, Guardio protects up to five family members under one account.

Defending against online threats requires a dedicated product since they are constantly evolving to bypass standard online safety programs.

And so a product like Guardio is the answer to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Avoiding malware installation and scams can be prevented by protecting online browsing information. With Guardio, users can browse the web confidently as it blocks threats from entering the browser.

And installation is a breeze. After installation, an automatic security scan will detect any existing threats found on the users’ browsers. To remove existing threats and enable real-time protection, users can begin a 7-day free trial after completing the scan. Their dashboard allows them to re-run their scans and track their activity.

The Features

Guardio features have been noted for their ability to create a safe online environment and ease of use.

Some of the features include phishing protection and harmful site blockers.

Clicking on unknown links in emails, social media scams, pop-ups, and advertisements mostly leads to these sites. Guardio uses in-house features to detect phishing, tech support scams, crypto scams, RAT scams, shopping scams, and a variety of other scams instead of relying solely on blacklists.

Guardio also detects and removes malicious extensions.

Viruses, adware, and other types of malware can be installed by malicious extensions, resulting in irreparable damage. Sometimes they don’t appear to be harmful. Since they often sneak in unnoticed or masquerade as valuable tools, it may not even be known they are on the computer.

But with Guardio, those concerns can be eliminated as the software detects and removes such extensions and alerts users before they are installed.

Besides monitoring, Guardio also protects against malicious downloads.

Guardio notifies users if they encounter a malicious download during the initial security scan and protects against remote access trojans.

As well as actively defending against new threats, Guardio eliminates any malware already embedded on your computer.

This two-way communication system keeps devices safe from cyber threats and ensures complete digital health.

Search Hijacker Correction occurs when a third party alters your browser’s settings without permission. This can include switching from your default search provider to an unfamiliar one.

However, Guardio can detect and address the issue before it becomes a problem.

In addition, privacy may be at risk if a data breach occurs in any online account. With Guardio, users can keep track of past data leaks and receive real-time alerts so that users can react quickly to prevent identity theft.

A powerful pop-up cleanup feature further enhances the user experience online.

An intrusive notification or pop-up isn’t just annoying for its ads. It may be infected with malware, which is potentially harmful and invasive.

It can be challenging to track them down, which makes them hard to remove.

But a simultaneous elimination of all invasive notifications is achieved through Guardio’s tracing of the sources.

Guardio tracks and blocks these sources and connections.

Low cost, valuable protection

Guardio’s most impressive feature is that all its services are automated and affordable for almost any user.

Guardio lets you enjoy digital identity security without having to worry about breaches. Guardio monitors and prevents breaches in your cybersecurity while the user is online.

One of Guardio’s best features is its accessibility.

Chrome users need only add the extension to their browsers to get started.

Device protection begins as soon as that happens.

There are powerful tools hidden behind the friendly interface.

Guardio aims to provide end-users with a world-class range of security tools. Thus, Guardio utilizes enterprise-level software, previously only available to the largest companies and organizations.

And Guardio offers expert-level digital defense for up to five people under one account by inviting up to four other users.


Founded in 2018 by Amos, Michael, and Daniel, Guardio has since focused on keeping users safe online.

Although many other companies and firms have worked diligently to combat bad actors for decades, cybercrime still causes considerable damage despite improving cybersecurity tools.

Despite updating their operating systems and browsers, many users still fall victim to phishing and scams due to confusing terminology and messaging about online safety.

Therefore, Guardio aims to fill this gap as seamlessly as possible. With their backgrounds, they created a product that reached the problem differently and protected online users in a new way.

And already, Guardio has been recognized for its high value in combating scam baiting and exposing countless scammers across the globe.

And user reviews attest to the power of the software while maintaining its ease of use.

Guardio has a 4.5-star review on Trustpilot raving about Guardio’s ability to promote online safety while maintaining ease of use that is second to none.

And critics also love Guardio, with a recent review by Tech Radar highlighting the software’s automatic detection of suspicious sites, freemium edition, free trials with all plans, simple interface, robust security and effective pop-up blocker.

In fact, the reviewer’s main complaint was Guardio being exceedingly powerful for most users while maintaining a primary interface that is friendly for users with any level of online experience.

It is imperative that everyone takes enhanced preventative measures due to the growing incidence of cybercrime. Providing comprehensive security, one-click accessibility, and affordable pricing, Guardio is a cybersecurity solution that anyone can use.

Using free and easy-to-use tools like Guardio, there is no excuse to fall victim to online scams or data breaches.

Guardio is a cybersecurity company that was founded in 2018 with the mission of accompanying users on their online journey and ensuring their safety at every step. While many users have updated their operating systems and browsers, they continue to fall for phishing and scams, resulting in financial loss and identity theft. Guardio fills this gap by providing an easy-to-use extension that warns users of potential threats before they occur.

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