The FCC Has Removed Vague Language Hampering the Signal Booster Industry

IRVING, TX, April 07, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — On March 22nd the FCC responded to a petition made by members of the cell phone signal booster industry to remove vague and restrictive regulations over the industry. These rules which were a holdover from their 2013 decision were ambiguous and left the industry confused.

In the first part of their recent announcement, the FCC has released a Report and Order. With this Report and Order, the FCC has removed “for personal use” from the rules pertaining to Industrial signal boosters. This change has opened up the market for businesses across the country to access higher-quality networks in offices, warehouses, skyscrapers, or other large buildings. This will allow for businesses large and small to grow as productivity increases based on the principles of connectivity and networking.

In addition to their immediate removal of the “personal use” phrase, the FCC has also asked for comments from the industry and the public at large in a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. In this notice, they are asking for feedback on issues such as; the addition of signal boosters being embedded into vehicles similarly to GPS, the removal of the “personal use” language restricting wideband boosters, the authorization of non-subscribers to operate signal boosters on carriers networks without subscriptions, and the addition of three new frequency bands (700, 850, and 1900 MHz in addition to AWS Bands) to be amplified by signal boosters.

These proposed changes make the products more user-friendly and HiBoost is proud to be supporting businesses grow by promoting connectivity. It is of the opinion of the managing team at HiBoost that all of these proposed changes will be positive as consumers are able to improve their connectivity without relying on carriers. As our CEO Yanwei Wang stated, “HiBoost is pleased with the easing of these vague and restrictive regulations. We look forward to increasing our ability to better serve our customers by solving cellular signal problems.”

If you would like to learn about how a cell phone signal booster can solve your connectivity issues read our comprehensive buyer’s guide and for a more in-depth analysis of the FCC decision check out our blog post about it here.

HiBoost is an emerging player in the cell phone signal booster market. The company is based in Irving, Texas and provides cellular signal solutions throughout North America with their innovative technology and quality workmanship. If you or someone you know experiences difficulties with their cellular signal visit or contact us today at 972-870-5666 or [email protected]

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