[PRESSWIRE] Zurich, Switzerland – 1 September, 2016 — Update to Business Intelligence provider Worldbox’s Company Information Directory adds corporate records for two more countries.

Over 40,000 new business records from the Philippines and 80,000 records from Taiwan have been integrated into Worldbox’s global company information database.

Together with their AsiaGate partners: the Credit Information Bureau Inc (CIBI) based in the Philippines and China Credit Information Services Ltd (CCIS) in Taiwan, Worldbox can now provide clients with a standard XML data structure over their API service, to deliver detailed company information from these countries.

One XML structure to deliver detailed company information from ALL countries in the world

This permits clients to cost-effectively build a single XML mapping schema / gateway for all of their international company data requirements, saving firms needing reliable information on competitors, suppliers or buyers valuable time.

Companies are researched by Worldbox to client requirements constantly, with structured data updates ‘pushed’ to client systems over the API, allowing data to be imported into third-party enterprise software such as SAP or merged with a firm’s own internal database for comprehensive portfolio management.

Integral factors like company ownership links are researched on a regular basis, and clients can specify this and other data elements to be monitored. These services are considered by Worldbox clients to be unique, since such information is not available in many countries, today.

Over 10 million business records are now offered by Worldbox in total, including information on group structures, ultimate company ownership and linked relationships, with reports available in English, French, German and Italian languages.

Worldbox’s global network of partners and on-the-ground agents allows it to serve clients across multiple sectors, including International Customer and Supplier Monitoring, Export Credit Risk Insurance, M&A Due Diligence, Anti-Bribery and Compliance Management.

The company’s European operations are run from Switzerland, with additional bureaus in the UK, Holland and Portugal, where a quality control team totals 40 years of business research experience. The Asia region is covered by Worldbox’s Hong Kong office and Indian data house, providing fast-turnaround business research.

About Worldbox

A global provider of business, due diligence and credit information for over two decades, Worldbox specialises in obtaining hard-to-find company information, particularly in developing regions.

Research and advisory firm Outsell identifies Worldbox as an ‘Emerging Disruptor’ in its Financial, Credit, Legal and Governance, Risk and Compliance Report, noting it is ‘growing aggressively in brand equity after becoming the largest provider of cross-border information…’

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