John Walden, founder of Eagle Mountain in 1996, passed away in 2017 from pancreatic cancer.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, February 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — John Walden, founder of Eagle Mountain in 1996, passed away in 2017 from pancreatic cancer. He worked alongside business partner Dr. Andrew Zorbis to bring their vision of a Utah real estate business to life in a new community.

Initially living in Florida, Dr. Zorbis and John Walden visited what would become the city of Eagle Mountain in Utah while on vacation. There, they saw an opportunity to purchase low-cost land close to some of Utah’s most popular attractions and landscapes.

This $1.1 million purchase would prove to be a successful business venture. Since 1996, people have flocked to Eagle Mountain as roads, utilities, and infrastructure have been added, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah. In 2020, the mountain reached a milestone of 50,000 residents.

Passing the Torch
Of course, not all legacies can live on forever, and when John Walden passed away in 2017 from pancreatic cancer, he handed the company’s reins to his daughter Tiffany Walden. Taking on the mantle of real estate manager for such a budding city center was no small feat.

Still, Tiffany Walden, Utah, stepped up to the plate by continuing to serve clients in Eagle Mountain and boosting her own business, Tiffany Homes. Before taking over where her father left off, she worked alongside him in the real estate business for over a decade.

An Iconic Landscape
Today, Eagle Mountain is a well-beloved city in Utah and has since hit several significant milestones. One such milestone was the announcement in 2018 that Eagle Mountain would be a location for a Facebook Data Center.

Hundreds of residents in Eagle Mountain work locally full-time, and with the opportunity to work and live in a close-knit environment, more and more Utah professionals are flocking to the city. Tiffany Walden has also done much to foster this budding environment, with a community emphasis on making Eagle Mountain a desirable place to live and work in Utah.

Eagle Mountain is still considered widely underrated, but its value steadily continues to climb each year. The city of Eagle Mountain is ideally situated next to numerous outdoor and recreational opportunities, including the mountain bike park, which community volunteers helped to build. There’s also great four-wheeling west of Cedar Fort and boating activities on Utah Lake, only minutes away.

Eagle Mountain is a thriving, beloved community space in an idyllic location for Utah residents, but such a city doesn’t just spring up from thin air. It’s taken the commitment of founder John Walden and his daughter, Tiffany Walden, to grow and maintain Eagle Mountain throughout the years.

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