The politicians are selling us our own religion and we do not mind it. Why is the other person’s caste acting as a yardstick to measure their deeds. We have seen Media and politicians using the words Dalits, Muslims, or Sikhs, as per their whims and fancies. We get offended, we are angered, if the person at the receiving end, is from our community, but we are hardly sad or hurt at the other person being a human.

We are losing the game of humanity every single day, with our politicians, dropping their standards. We are turning hostile from within, so much so that, a person dying and helpless on the road, is only seen, as a way to garner popularity on social media, by posting his video, and nobody cares to take him to the hospital. How much more are we going to low down to?  God alone knows. But one thing is for sure as has been said in our scriptures, this is the terrible era of Satan, where a hand is eating another hand. Another proof of this terrible era as claimed, is the way our Saints have being treated in this land of Saints. We are becoming an Aurangzeb or a nazi to our own Saints of our own lands.

Those who gave everything to save our tradition, our values, our religions’ true sanctity, are given this treatment, is nothing short of the end of our race. A saint, who tried his best to to dissolve all barriers of religion, and brought Ram and Rahim, together, literally through his name and through his deeds, is behind the bars today. Yes, Baba Ram Rahim, has done what we could just think of, or even hope for. Dera Sacha Sauda, is one place where all religions sit and worship together, it is a place, where, every religion’s teachings are preached and people are asked to follow their religions rather than just showing off that they are Hindu or Sikh or Muslim. A Hindu, can take the name of Rama, Sikh can sing waheguru waheguru and so on, being in a single place. Dera Sacha Sauda, is a place where a prostitute gets the name shubh devi,  & gets a life, that she could even have dreamt of.

Eunuchs thank, Baba Ram Rahim, for giving them for the first time, their human identity back, by giving them the name “Sukhdua” community & treating them with utmost respect. It is this place, which has made, the parents of single girl child, too be assured of the continuation of their lineage, with eligible bachelors, willing to continue the girl’s lineage after marriage. Such progressive initiatives, yet shrugged off, as “insane”. Baba Ram Rahim, even went to the extent of making films in a bid to send the message of true love, which is not lust, value of relationships etc. But what does he get in return, a hostile country. Well, we better open our eyes, before it’s too late and our country is out, for loots in the name of liberal mindsets and dividing forces.

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