Rene Reid’s memoir unveils a remarkable and poignant tale of self-discovery.

RENO, NV, September 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In her deeply moving and introspective memoir, “A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness,” Rene Reid invites readers on an extraordinary voyage through her life, one that intricately weaves her narrative with that of James Kavanaugh, a former Catholic priest renowned for his poetic prowess.

A Nun’s Journey is the story of Rene Reid’s voyage through love, heartache, and self-discovery. In the book, she shares her experiences in the convent, her decision to leave in order to study theology (a field not typically open to women in religious roles at that time), and the difficult legal dispute with her son’s father that nearly broke her. The book details her relationship with a former Catholic priest and poet, James Kavanaugh, and describes the stories behind how many of his poems came to be as he struggled for independence but found he was unable to live without her love. Committed to reform work in the Church, Reid’s story is one of realization that, beyond personal ambitions and life goals, love is what matters most.

When asked about why she wrote this memoir, Rene Reid shares, “I began this book about 40 years ago to help me grow as a person. I was so deeply in love that I couldn’t move past that point. Writing the book helped me move beyond into the whole person I feel I’ve become today. In my memoir, I share the profound inspirations that guided me along this extraordinary path. It is a story of my life and how I navigate the challenges of transitioning from a life devoted to the religious order of the Daughters of Charity to the joys and tribulations of motherhood.”

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About the Author:
Rene’s life took her from the serenity of religious life to the frenzy of political life as an elected public official. In her early life, Rene was a religious education director in Catholic parishes and soon expanded her reach to the media via hosting TV shows and talk radio programs, and was among the first female talk radio hosts in the nation. She lives in Reno, Nevada, and continues her work for church reform as she is committed to transforming a monarchal church into one focused on loving one another with the people having a voice in its governance.

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