Boulder, CO, May 30, 2018 –(– Angkor Zipline, LLC operates the only permanent educational eco-adventure canopy tour inside Angkor Park and the only zipline in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Formerly Flight of the Gibbon, this one of a kind jungle eco-adventure has operated since 2012, but was acquired in January 2017 by a group of international investors. Since its acquisition, an international team of zipline tour experts, with over 50 years combined expertise, from Australia, SE Asia, Austria and the U.S. was employed. Changes were made to maximize safety, reduce pricing, expand course options, improve guest education, and creatively package multi activity tours to improve the guest experience, with significant results in just one year.

One major change, which has helped the operation to increase its guests, is the waiving of the Angkor Park Pass, usually $37 per day, for participants registered for a zipline eco-adventure and using Angkor Zipline transportation. Angkor Archeological Park is located 30 minutes from Siem Reap and is accessible from most hotels by free air-conditioned vans to the Park.

Guests can now choose from two world-class zipline eco-adventure canopy tour options instead of only one. The gold zipline eco-adventure features 9 individual ziplines, 1 double zipline, 3 suspended sky bridges and any many other course features designed to both educate and energize guests. The tour takes about 5 hours from hotel pick up to drop off. The silver zipline eco-adventure was created for guests with less time, and smaller budgets, and takes only 2 ½ hours from hotel pick up to drop off. Although it uses a shorter version of the gold course, both options offer the thrill of ziplining, while also learning about the wildlife, history and environment inside Angkor Park, considered one on the 10 modern wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Any age from 5-95 can participate, and the only qualification is a maximum weight of 125 kg (275 lbs.) and a minimum height of 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches) tall to fill the harness.

Since the acquisition by Angkor Zipline, guests have participated from over 75 countries throughout the world, and over 750 local children have flown free of charge from various NGO’s and charitable groups throughout the Siem Reap region. Another 1,500 children from various youth and school groups have flown as well.

Additional highlights include the longest single zipline in Cambodia and the re-introduction of several species of wildlife, featuring the extinct wild gibbon into the rainforest, where now a family of 4 gibbons resides.

Safety is the highest priority at Angkor Zipline and the company proudly records no injuries or accidents since its acquisition. Each group of 9 guests maximum is accompanied by at least two highly trained Sky Rangers, who also have training in both First Aid and CPR. The operation employs approximately 35 people including these Sky Rangers. Safety Rangers must pass periodic rigorous testing and also must speak at least two languages to be considered a candidate.

APSARA’s Dept. of Forestry, Waterways and the Environment is actively involved in protecting trees and wildlife in partnership with Angkor Zipline. Security is provided by Angkor Zipline 24/7 to assure compliance by the Park’s visitors.

Angkor Zipline has as one of its core missions educating all guests about wildlife, plant life and historical aspects of the forest, which was once populated by over 1 million people during Angkor’s dynasty period around 1100AD. To accomplish this, the Safety Rangers combine their own experience growing up and living in Cambodia, with direction from expert naturalists to explain herbs, wildlife, flowers and fauna during a 500-meter nature walk after each zipline eco-adventure. The Angkor forest is home to some 521 species of birds, 127 mammals, and 116 reptiles so there is much to see and learn.

Several multi-adventure tours are also offered featuring the region’s best companies offering such adventures as bicycling, Vespa foodie night tours, cooking classes and ATV/Quad countryside tours. Each is combined with a suitable zipline tour to present guests with many options to enjoy their time in Siem Reap beyond only visiting the Park’s infamous temples.

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