Ashland, OR, April 24, 2018 –(– "Humorous, a cliff hanger, a marvelous love story. Perfectly executed." – Reader Comment

In "Next History, Her Deal With The Devil," Lee Baldwin sends the reader on a young woman’s journey to contact her deceased mother. This veers into the occult when a folkloric demon appears inside the U.S. Pentagon.

From the Author: "'Next History' is a grown-up fantasy arising from a central question: What would tomorrow be like if we understood the Babylonian creation story as it really was, not verbally handed down over thousands of years?"

The novel provides a completely new look at the accidents of history which have brought us to the present, with uncanny secrets that could lead to a brighter future. Readers will discover what could happen when U.S. military might faces off against a being as old as time.

"Really worth reading. If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson – before anyone much had heard of him and mix it with Good Omens – this might be that novel." – Reader Comment

Included in this temporary free edition are lengthy excerpts of four other Baldwin novels: Aliens Got My Sally, Halcyon Dreamworlds, Angle of Attack, and The Hidden Perils of Suicide.

About the Author: Oregon indie writer Lee Baldwin is the author of mystery and speculative fiction novels which engage the intellect and the imagination, with uncanny foresight toward what lies ahead.

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