As a small business owner, if you’re struggling to answer the phone during business hours and stay on top of ongoing customer requests, you may be in need of a virtual receptionist. Virtual assistants help you manage your business more effectively and maintain customer satisfaction.

Reason #1: Buried in Administrative Tasks

If you’re the owner of a plumbing, electrical or HVAC business, it’s important for you to be on your customers’ doorsteps when they need you. You can’t always be in the office to answer service calls or customer billing questions.

This is where Easybee virtual receptionists come in. The professional, knowledgeable virtual assistants can help you manage incoming calls, take messages and ensure your customers are satisfied. Choose from several plans with a set amount of minutes that suit the individual needs of your business and your budget.

Reason #2: Lead Generation

Small business owners are always thinking of ways to generate new business. While many established companies rely on loyal customers passing on their good name via word of mouth or positive reviews, many emerging small businesses need a solid way to continue to grow their business, and lead generation helps with that. Easybee’s virtual receptionists can collect incoming leads and pass them on to you.

Reason #3: Appointment Scheduling

If you own a business that requires accurate appointment scheduling, Easybee can help. Using your web-based calendar or other software, a virtual receptionist can book service appointments or other events and ensure there’s no overlap.

Reason #4: Lets Customers Speak to a Professional

Two key situations come to mind where a customer needs to speak to a real person instead of a telephone tree or programmed voicemail: when they want to purchase something, or when something is broken and they need it fixed quickly.

If customers call and reach a voicemail instead of a receptionist, chances are they’re going to contact a competitor, which affects your bottom line as a business owner. Easybee virtual receptionists help address this problem by letting customers speak to a professional.

Reason #5: Bilingual Services

Many businesses serve a diverse population, and Easybee offers bilingual answering services in Spanish for customers whose English communication is limited. Easybee’s versatile bilingual team of virtual receptionists can answer back-to-back calls in either language to accommodate individual customers.

If you’re having difficulty managing the day-to-day administrative tasks of your business, consider Easybee virtual receptionists.

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