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DENVER, CO, January 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Are you looking to start a business and obtain financing? 

If yes, you will need a good business plan. A business plan that is well researched and documents the entire story of your business.

One that has a strong balance between narrative descriptions and financial analysis.

As a valued client, receive the following:
– Business vision to show the future path
– Investor “Pitch Deck” Presentation & Video
– Product & services description to document customer – benefit
– Organizational management for daily operations
– Sales & marketing strategy for revenue generation
– Financial projections for a realistic financial scenario
– Considerable graphs and charts for visual appeal

Receive a solid business plan that will provide the financial company with the information necessary to make a positive decision.

Premium Services include:
– Sales training – enterprise, channel
– Corporate university education strategy and solution
– Channel business development
– Website content
– Business videos and video streaming networks
– CRM and business development
– Marketing services – copy, brand, thought leadership, social 

David Laverty has written over 300 plans for a wide variety of industries.

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