Lothian, MD, May 07, 2018 –(PR.com)– Release 2 Innovation, a recognized industry leader in network threat intelligence, today announced that Musubu is now General Availability (GA) and ready to protect enterprises large and small. Musubu is an API-based Threat-Intelligence-as-a-Service offering, the culmination of working with some of the largest health networks and security organizations in the United States.

The name Musubu is Japanese for “the point at which things come together in peace and harmony” and reflects the confluence of intelligence sources that are unified into an elegant, cohesive whole. Musubu network models are built on a repository spanning four years which contains over six hundred million events. It represents the synthesis of fifty well-vetted sources from across the globe and integrates over a hundred thousand new security related events and threats each day.

The objective of Musubu is to provide an alternative to organizations being compelled to buy data feeds, build their own threat intelligence repositories, and author their own analytics. Musubu accomplishes all this while providing unparalleled insight into the quality of network traffic: no other product on the market today offers the depth of analysis that Musubu provides.

So how can an customers benefit from using Musubu?

Provides Insight into Organizations Networks – More than just telling where outbound traffic is going, Musubu reveals to what organization going. Unlike other services and threat aggregators which focus on IP addresses, Musubu increases the scope to include networks and the activity of “near neighbors,” providing an authoritative view of the quality of collected network traffic.

Reduces False Positives – One of the most powerful capabilities provided by Musubu is its false positive reduction filtering. Instead of running a single index of “why something is bad,” Musubu provides two indexes: one which is focused on malicious activity and a second focused on potential conditions that may indicate something is not malicious. The result is a 35-50% reduction in false positives and non-actionable results.

Prioritizes Real Threats – Organizations generate a tremendous amount of network information. Even if an organization is diligent about capturing it all, that data is meaningless if it isn’t analyzed. Musubu can quickly cut through the “noise” to helping to prioritize real threats on networks. Musubu provides human-readable threat classifications in addition to its scoring: High, Medium, Low, and Nuisance.

Minimizes Security Overhead – Being able to prioritize threats with Musubu means the security staff are spending less time on tedious, routine tasks and more time on the important business of protecting the organization. The most important — and limited — asset is skilled human attention. Leveraging Musubu allows organizations to spend that resource in a more intelligent way.

Provides Easily Consumable Data – Musubu presents the results of its RESTful API in JSON format which is technology-agnostic and easily consumed by all major languages and platforms. This allows customers to integrate Musubu with existing hardware and systems, providing superior interoperability and ease of automation.

Is a Recognized, Trusted Source – Government and commercial clients rely on Musubu to protect our nation's most valuable IT assets. Incorporating Musubu into an organizations defensive strategy offers organization that same level of protection.

Musubu represents the culmination of R2i’s threat-monitoring and long-term data analysis wrapped into a simple web-based API. Musubu lets customers monitor every part of their network with a precision blend of network intelligence and network threat intelligence analytics providing previously unimaginable insight into their network data. Release 2 Innovations can be contacted at [email protected]. Release 2 Innovation was recently selected as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2018 during the RSA Conference.

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