Atlanta, GA, December 15, 2017 –(– It seems like everyone is starting a brewery, distillery, or winery these days and that’s precisely the problem. Too few startup alcohol manufacturers have industry experience which means a mediocre product, a slow climb to profitability or simply a failure. Shezmu Cellars is different because it is the result of collaboration between many established manufacturers with an already award-winning distiller, Cody Chinn, at the creative helm.

The initial product lineup will feature meads that resemble beer, wine and even spirits to showcase the versatility of this honey-based alcohol. Blind tastings rate these new recipes far above current national mead brands. This is due, in part, to partnering with the current national champion in amber honey, Hometown Honey, as the exclusive raw honey supplier. Moreover, utilizing a Georgia-specific classification known as a farm winery, Shezmu Cellars will be opening with a taproom and bar featuring 40 draft beer taps serving craft beer from all over the southeast. This is sure to grab the attention of the 250,000+ craft beer drinkers driving by Shezmu Cellars each year on their way to visit the neighbor and collaborator, Sweetwater Brewery.

When asked why he wanted to start his own alcohol manufacturing business, co-founder Cody Chinn said, “I just wanted to get my brother out of the coal mines. We lost our father to lung problems in March this year and he had been a coal miner too. Making mead with my brother for the rest of our lives sounds perfect.”

But why mead? According to Adam and Cody, it’s the next big trend with the proof in the numbers. The total number of mead-producing facilities has skyrocketed and shows like Game of Thrones have shed light on the obscure drink. Only 4% of Millennial drinkers stay in one category and the fastest growing segment of alcohol sales is wine bottles priced at over $20 per bottle; this means exploration is afoot. “The problem is that mead is traditionally very strong and sweet which turns most people off,” says Adam, “but Shezmu Cellars doesn’t have a mead that’s strong and sweet. That’s why you don’t have to be a mead-lover to love our mead.”

Described as a perfect storm of location, market trending, and experience, Shezmu Cellars is looking to define a new category of alcohol; mead.

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About Shezmu Cellars: Founded by the Kentucky-born Chinn Brothers, Adam and Cody, the concept has attracted lots of support. Hometown Honey, Boar’s Head, Sweetwater Brewery, Mauldin & Jenkins, ASW Distillery, and more have all committed time, effort and in some cases, money to the success of Shezmu Cellars. The name Shezmu comes from the Egyptian god of wine who is depicted as a lion-headed man. The anticipated opening is set for April 2018.

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