Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2018 –(PR.com)– Milk and Eggs, an online farmer’s market and grocery service that delivers to homes in Los Angeles and Orange County, has used social media to gain awareness and presence. This focus on continued conversation and engagement with the public has established Milk & Eggs as the fastest growing share of voice and media presence, above all competitors, in the grocery space.

Milk and Eggs uses many forms of social media outlets such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc., to create dynamic, interactive and fresh conversations with influencers and customers alike. Their style of engaging content, quick response times, tips and tricks and beautiful imagery make conversations with them not only functional but quite enjoyable. Milk and Eggs takes very high regard of their influencers and loyal customers and recognizes the importance of a strong, consistent, interactive media presence to stay relevant with them and also intrigue and attract new customers to be.

Graph of National Percentage of Share of Voice on Social Media:

Share of Voice is the number of conversations being held about a certain brand divided by the total conversations about the industry as a whole. Crimson Hexagon, a brand analytics firm, is a leading source of data for online share of voice analysis. Neilson’s is the equivalent for traditional forms of media and outlets. In the two years Milk and Eggs has begun operations, they have gained an amazing 9% of the national share of voice.

Companies such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Google Express have been around for close to ten years, while GrubMarket and Good Eggs have been around for over five years. Milk and Eggs has not only surpassed GrubMarket and Good Eggs individually, but also smashes even their combined voice of 2%. It has also equaled themselves with Google Express, which is nationwide. This was all accomplished with a single location in Los Angeles, while both GrubMarket and Good Eggs have 8 locations each. Instacart and Amazon Fresh also have over 150 locations throughout the United States, making it easier for these companies to have a higher percentage of share of voice. This is amazing progress for a young start up out of LA.

What contributes to this share of voice are online social platforms mentioned above. Here are examples and comparisons of some social channels and it will become clear how Milk and Eggs is 9% of all shared voice in groceries.

A graph of growth for Instagram quickly shows how Milk and Eggs, thick gold line, has quickly caught up in the short two years relative to the other companies. Screenshots of followers below.

In addition, Milk and Eggs has the single highest rating amongst all the 5 grocery options on Yelp with 4.5 stars. Comparatively, others have ranges from 1 to 4 Stars, with the average of 3 stars.

YouTube is another great indication of a similar pattern of customer engagement and interaction. Milk and Eggs has 3.3K subscribers as compared to 220 and 127 for Good Eggs and Grub Market, respectively. And the view count really demonstrates the drastic difference with 2.3M views vs 95K and 4.5K for Milk and Eggs, Good Eggs, and Grub Market.

In today’s age of social media, virality, and authenticity, this is a significant competitive advantage. And some may say is invaluable to have such loyal community of followers. This opens opportunities to engage, foster, and develop relationships directly with customers that many big brands and conglomerates are devoid of, building retention and good will.

For more information Milk and Eggs Founder / CEO will be speaking at the 2018 Retail Experience Summit on the power of being hyperlocal. https://risnews.com/how-be-hyper-local-globalized-world

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